Chapter 3

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Megan's Pov:

It was morning and I kept thinking about how I should tell Louis about this.

I was nervous but yet,excited to be a mommy.

I wasn't for sure if Louis was ready to be a daddy yet because of course,he's 22 and he's still a free man.

Laying in bed,thinking about how I'm planning on telling Louis,Lizzie and mami and papa.

This is still nerve wrecking for me the news I got.

I sighed.

I felt someone rubbing my back and planted a small kiss on my neck.

"You ok,baby?" Louis asked.

I nodded,"mhmm..yeah..I'm ok,babe.."

He looks at me and smiles.

"Alright. Don't forget that we have to go to your mami and papa's party tonight." He said.

"Shit! I fucking forgot that!" I thought to myself.

"Oh I won't. I'll shower and get ready.." I said.

Once he left the room,I sighed again.

"What am I going to do about this?" I said to myself.

I picked out a nice silver dress with matching heels and curled my hair after my shower.

We got to my mami and papa's house and I was nervous because this was the day I was going to tell him I'm pregnant with his baby.

I was talking to Lizzie and Zayn to see how their relationship is going.

"How's you and Louis's relationship going,Megan?" Liz asked.

Before I even tried to answer the question,I heard Louis yelling my name and he didn't sound too pleasant.

"Megan! Get over here!! I need to talk to you now!" He said.

I gulped down and walked over to him,"yeah baby? I-"

"Don't fucking "baby" me. I know what you're up to." He said coldly with an evil glare.

I had a confused look on my face,"what are you talking abo-"

"I know you're fucking cheating on me damn it!" He exclaimed.

"I'm not cheating on you,Louis I-"

He started to throw a vase and threw it against the wall.

"I don't want any fucking lies,Megan! Tell me!" He punches the wall and broke a frame with a picture of us.

"Louis,stop it" I stopped him and he jerks his head back where he's looking into my eyes,giving me the heartless glare in his eyes.

"What Megan? Goddam-"

"Louis,I'm pregnant!" I cried out. Then everybody froze and their eyes turned to me. Even Louis,Lizzie,Zayn and mami and papa was looking at me.

Uh oh.

Louis had this shocked look on his face.

Lizzie can't believe it.

Zayn looks like he seen a ghost.

Mami and papa...looked speechless.

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