"Sydney? Are you home?" I asked as I drove furiously through the rain.

"I am now, why?" she asked. Okay, she's obviously crying. Fuck.

"I'm heading over there. We need to talk." I replied.

"Damn right we do." She uttered. Okay, something is DEFINITELY up.

I got to her house and opened her door with a spare key she let me have. It's a girl thing. There were just too many things on my mind. The baby, Andy, marriage, why Sydney is crying, and how did Andy know I cut? Did Sydney tell him? I mean, she couldn't. How?

"Syd?" I called out. I heard her slamming the fridge. She's obviously in the kitchen, and obviously pissed.

"In the kitchen." She said as she laid down a bottle of wine on the counter.
"I see," I replied.

"What's wrong?" She said with swollen eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. Facial ones. See, that's what I love about Sydney. She puts others before herself, and right now she needed me first.

"No, no, no, you first!" I demanded grabbing a glass and pouring water into it, no matter how much I wanted a nice glass of wine, I was drinking and eating for a little baby too. Sydney looked confused. "What's wrong Syd squid?" I asked.

She smiled as she took a sip from her wine. "Alex and I," I stopped her. Fuck.

"What'd he do?! Oh geez, Sydney I told you he-" she cut me off. Seriously?! Why is everyone cutting me off now a days?!

"No, it's not that. Well, sorta. We slept together. I was in the shower, he walked in, and it happened." OMG. I didn't see the problem.

"So, the reason you're crying is?"

"After that, we laid in his bed and I asked him what we were, and he said friends. We're friends. Just friends." She said as more tears fell from her face and took a big sip of her wine. Poor Sydney. I just.. She really does like Alex. I could tell by the way she looks at him and the way she gets so excited whenever she talks about him.

"Syd.. Lemme tell you something," I began. She poured another drink and leaned forward. "Remember that one time in junior year of high school when Nick Bronkov asked you to the prom and you said no? And don't you dare say you didn't want to go! It was your dream to go with him!" She smiled and put her wine glass down.

"Yeah bu-" I cut her off.. Finally!

"No buts! You said no because you've gotten hurt before that. Remember Alberto? He crushed your heart before prom, that's why you didn't want to go. You had a reason. Maybe Alex has a reason he said 'just friends', but trust me Syd, he likes you. He told me."

Sydney popped up with glowing eyes and a huge smile, damn girl. "He did?! When?!"

"Last week when Jack took us to Dave&Busters for Jocelyn's birthday. You were playing skeeball and Alex said 'dude, Sydney is fucking awesome. She's my kind of girl. I need her to be mine. Forever.' Then I punched his arm for calling me 'dude' then that's were you came back." Her face lit up.

"Oh god, what should I do?! I seriously didn't let him explain..." Uttered Syd.

"Just wait." I replied.

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