Starr wakes up inside a room set up for blissful night of romance. The last thing she remembers is getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry James Ford. And wondering if she should marry James. Then she blacks out from a blow to the head. She reaches up to her head to feel the bump on the back of her head.  

Just then, the door opens and Starr is stunned to see who it is. 


Cole comes in holding their daughter Hope. With tears of joy, Starr doesn't think twice. She runs into Cole's arms and hugs the two of them.  

"Oh, Cole, I'm so glad your alive. But I don't understand? You and Hope went over that cliff?" 

"I don't either. All I know is I awoke in a hospital room with a massive headache." 

Starr is so happy she kisses Cole. Then she takes Hope from his arms. 

"Oh my little girl. I've missed you so. A part of me died when I you died. . .or thought you died." 

Starr just hugs her daughter. Then Cole has Hope taken back to her room to sleep.  

"So where were we when that car went over that cliff?" Cole asks Starr. 

"I believe we were discussing plans to get married." An elated Starr replies. 

"Let's just put those plans on hold for now." 

And Cole kisses Starr sweetly on the lips. The two lovers lock lips and fall onto the bed together. They spend the rest of the night in a magical embrace making love to each other.  


Meanwhile on a Greek Island... 

"Let me out of here!" the real Cole Thornhart demands. 

Just then, Helena Cassadine comes through the double doors of her basement. 

"What is all the commotion in here?" Helena screams. 

"I want to know why I am here and where my daughter is?" Cole spits out angryily. 

"Your daughter is fine. She's playing in the playroom." Helena responds. 

"Who are you?" 

"I am Helena Cassadine." 

"Cassadine? Why does that name sound familiar?" 

"You don't need to concern yourself with that, young man. You aren't getting out of here anytime soon." 

"Just what do you mean by that?" 

"I know you were on you're way to see your precious Starr." 

"Yeah, we were going to get married." 

"Well, let's just say, you will getting married." 

"What? How? 

"Oh, Cole, dear, Starr and Cole will be getting married. It just won't be you she'll actually be marrying." 

"What do you mean by that?" 

But Helena leaves before answering his last question, leaving Cole in total bewilderment. Just who is Helena Cassadine, and what does she have in mind for Starr?

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