Chapter 6

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"Aurghhhhh," I complained as I sat on the couch," Im so tired." I rolled over onto my stomach and face

"You woke up like two hours ago Bri." Louis sat on my feet

"But," I whined,"So tired."

"Then go to sleep." Lottie giggled

"No, there's no way i'm going to wake up with a mustach or a haircut or something." I turned to see Lotties face dissapointed

"How do you even know me that well." Lottie crossed her arms and tried to pout but ended up smiling

"Well mostly because of-" Oh yeah, right now is a good time to tell Jay

"Ok." Lottie cut me off, knowing what I was talking about,

"Is Jay awake?" I asked Lottie

"She's in bed reading." Pho came out and started talking with the boys

"Okay let's go." I sighed,"Louis off meh feet." 

"Not until you tell me what you guys are doing." Louis frowned at me

"Let us tell Jay first god BooBeear." I acted annoyed but couldn't help but smirk

"Fine," he got up,"But only because I get to know okay?" I swung my feet off the couch and startd walking with Lottie to Jay's room

"Think what you want Boobear." I smirked as we entered Jay's door and closed also locking it.

"Hey what are you guys doing in here?" Jay asked smiling bright then she looked at Lottie, she was looking down with her hair hiding her face,"What's wrong?" Jay asked

She burst out in tears, well both of us did. Seeing someone else go through pain is my weak spot.

Lottie told the whole story, every last detail.

"And," I cut in once she was finished," I think we should tell the principal it's techniqually bullying or cyberbullying right?Or like harrasment." 

"Yes, infact it's alll three come on we're going over to his house." Jay hugged Lottie and stood up

"Right now?" Lottie asked suprised

"Yep, but you guys are staying don't want it to be awkward and Lottie I don' want her to be alone so you guys go sit with the boys." Jay walked out of the room with her purse and shoes on.

"Want me to carry you so they don't have to see you cry?" I kneeled down to Lottie's hight

"Yeah." She wrapped her arms around my neck as I picked her up from her legs. Lottie was still shaking a lot as we walked out. INstantly when Louis saw us he jummped and literaly ran over to Lottie and hugged both of us

while still embracing us he asked,"What's wrong?" Louis looked me in the eye as tears started to fill them.

"Nothing we're just going to sit on the couch i'll tell you later." I tried to smile

"Okay sure." He frowned as we walked back to the couch. Everyone was like studying out movements as I sat down and Lottie repositioned herself snuggling her face into me and the couch I looked to my right and found a blanket so I put it around her, comfort ah so good at it.

"Ummmm." I looked around the room feeling kind of nervouse with all this attention in such a bad situation.

"Let's watch a movie." Louis popped up and put a movie in. Lottie wrapped the blanket around her head and snuggled deeper into me then turned her face to see the screen, even though you could barely see her you could tell she was crying. Zayn gave me a sympathetic smile as if to say, 'Family drama?' I just kind of smiled back. My face was too tired. Halfway through the movie Lottie fell asleep and changed postions onto Louis,

"Thank god I have to pee so bad." I whisper shouted as I jumped over the coffe table and ran to the bathroom.

I walked back out to see Jay yelling on the phone, a awakened Lottie and scarec boys.

"Bri!" Jay shouted as high as she could,

"Fuck," I whispered too loudly so everone turned,"Umm...yeah?"

"It's your mom." He snared handing me the phone,

"Hello?" I asked the cell phone

"Hi Hun," she sounded terrible

"What?" I asked totally calm because everyone was watching me when really I wanted to scream

"Just wanted to say Hi." The line went dead

"That was weird." I toek the phone away from my ear,

"What did she say?" Louis asked with a foul face

"She said Hi then hung up." I shrugged handed Jay the phone and went back to sit down on Louis's lap

"She's so fucking creepy." Jay rolled her eyes.Louis hugged me tightly as I sat on him

"Yeah whatever though right? Im going to bed g'night Lou,Lottie,Jay and the boys." I got up and waved as I climbed the stairs.

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