Carolina’s POV

I heard the front door slam shut, letting me know that Daniel left the house. I sighed loudly, unlocking the doors of my room. 

I’ve been avoiding him, since the incident at his parents’ house, which would be three days now. I didn’t want to face him, as I was still pretty much pissed with what happened, but I had somewhere to live. 

So, I did what I could do at the moment - sleep in another room and wait until he has left the house to go do his… business. 

I exited the room and made my way to the bathroom. I locked the door behind me. As I walked up to the bathroom’s mirror, I sadly smiled. I looked tired and unhappy without Daniel. But what he did was unacceptable by my own mind. He hurt me. 

I exhaled slowly and turned the tap. The water started to flow down the shiny marble sink. I filed handful of water and washed my face to wake up. I brushed my teeth, put my blond hair into a bun and jumped into the shower for a quick wash.   

After I was done, I rushed to the kitchen to make myself something to eat. I saw that Daniel had made me breakfast as well, but I didn’t even think of eating it. I opened the fridge and took out a jar of strawberry jelly. Toasting couple of slices of bread and snatching peanut butter form the cabinet, I waited for the bread to pop out of the toaster. 

I turned around and leaned against the counter, closing my eyes. This was far from what I’ve imagined to be happening. The last thing I wanted was to argue with Daniel. But, I guess, his ignorance towards certain issues finally made me crack. And I thought, my life was in place, for once. 

I heard loud footsteps echo through the house and after couple moments of silence, he entered the kitchen. I opened my eyes, his and mine meeting for a brief second, until I closed them shut again, ignoring his presence.

“I made you breakfast.” he spoke up, as I heard him sit down on the chair by the kitchen table. I said nothing. 

“Carolina, look…” he spoke up once more. The toast jumped out of the toaster and I turned around, taking them out. I took a knife and started spearing the jelly on one piece of toast. 

I heard him stand up and come closer to me. He stopped next to me, waiting to acknowledge him. I chose not to. I felt him close to me and it was starting to get on my nerves. I just wanted to go back to my room and isolate myself. 

“Can we just talk?” 

“You’ll be late for work.” I said coldly, as I brutally spread the peanut butter on the toast. 

“Kay, please.” he didn’t stop. “I hate us being like this.” 

“Like what, Daniel?” I put the knife down and faced him. 

“Like this.” he motioned between us. “Avoiding each other, not talking, fighting.” 

“Well, that is what happens, when one of the two people in a relationship becomes completely oblivious to issues.” I shrugged. 

“I’m sorry, okay.” Daniel ran his hands through his hair. 

“Daniel, sorry won’t solve anything.” 

The car, that was supposed to take him to work, honked couple of times. Daniel didn’t even looked that way, keeping his gaze steady on me.  

“Just… go.” I said, sighing deeply. 

“No, I won’t.” he put the briefcase on the kitchen island. “I’m not going anywhere, until we figure this out.” 

“Daniel, you have to go. Your future depends on this.” I motioned outside, as the car was still honking. 

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