Chapter 2

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I sat on Sams bed as she grabbed a few more things into her bags. I was on my phone scrolling through Instagram.

"Ugh I wanna go nowww" I said whining.

Sam giggled, "we will in a couple minutes. we just need to wait for Aaron and my mom that's almost home from work. we should load the car up with our stuff tho...let's go" she said zipping up her bag and taking them out of the room. I did the same.

we walked downstairs and walked out of the door which was open for some reason. We saw Aaron walk out if the car but he wasn't alone. I looked over at Sam with a confused look on my face, but she gave me the same expression. We looked over at Aaron who was walking towards us and another boy to follow.

"OMG MATT!!"I heard Sam scream.

She ran onto him for a hug and he hugged back. "i missed you sammy!" he said while he hugged her. "I missed you too!!!" Sam said.

Why haven't I seen him before?

What's going on?

"Oh Matt," Sam said as she ended the hug. "this is my best friend khatherine" she said hand signaling to me.

"Hi there" Matt said waving at me and smiling.

Matt was beautiful. He had a perfect smile that made me melt, his eyes were just beautiful and his hair was a perfect shade of brown. It looked like he worked out a lot. That was a turn on.

"Hey" I said flashing a smile.

"Matt is Aaron's friend and they make vines together" said sam.

"No wonder....he looked familiar" I giggled

"So um why is Matt here?" Sam asked.

"What you want me to leave now?" Matt said with a pouty face. we all giggled.

"No matt, i love you! but why are you here?" Sam asked giggling.

"Well I thought it would be a great idea if Matt joined us on the camping trip." said Aaron smiling at Sam nervously. I guess he was scared of what Sam would say. She could be pretty stubborn at times.

"That would be fun!" she said as she looked at me and winked. I don't think the boys noticed because we were the only ones who laughed.

Why did she wink?

OMG Sam always does this!!! she likes to hook me up with guys that I'm not interested in! but this time it was different . He somehow gave me butterflies and I was scared to say anything. I've only known him for 3 minutes though...

"I'll tell my mom who's joining us when she gets here" she said smiling. "okay now help us put the bags in the car!" she said as she handed a few to aaron. he laughed. "okay fine" he said with a sigh and kissing her cheek.

As Sam and Aaron walked to the car Matt turned to look at me. "do you need help with your bags?" Matt asked with a smile. "sure " I said giggling.

We both reached for the same bag and it made us look up to eachother.

His eyes were really pretty...

"Um, I'll take this one and you take the other?" he asked. "Yeah" I said picking up the other bag.

We walked over the set the bags inside the car.

We heard Sams moms car pull into the driveway. she rushed out of the car. "okay guys I'll go get my bags! you guys start getting into the car.

"Wait mom!" Sam said doing a little run to her. she was only standing a few feet away from me so I could hear their conversation. "Is it okay if Matt joins us?" she said with a wide smile. "matt?" her mom asked confused.

Matt walked over to them. "hi!" he said with a smile.

"OMG Matt I haven't seen you in a while" her mom said as she hugged him. "of course he can join us!" she said. "Got your things?"

"Yup" Matt responded with a nod.

"Okay go get in the car!" she said before she ran in the house to get her things.

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