Chapter 3- Fate of the slaves

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No one's POV

They all arrived into their dorms and sat down in the living room and placed their lauggage. The silent living room was surronded with people giving evil looks to each other.

"Lets decide who would be our slaves" Niel suggested breaking the silence in the room.

"Good idea!" Kai said.

"Lets hurry with this and get it over with" Sulli said.

Niel took his cap off and wrote all the girls name on each paper and folded them. He than chucked them into his cap. "Ok, here. When I reach three we will all pick a paper to decide who our slaves will be." he said.

"Hana, Dul, Set!" Niel counted. They all picked a peice of paper from Niel's cap.

Results:                                                                                                                                          Chanyoel-Sunny                                                                                                                    Zelo-Hana                                                                                                                                L.joe-Krystal                                                                                                                                    Sehun-Yoona                                                                                                                                  Niel-Dara                                                                                                                                        Kai-Sulli

The girls eyes widen with shock now knowing who they are stuck with.

Sunny POV

WHAT!! NO NO NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO ME I thought to myself now knowing that I have to not only share a dorm but be HIS slave. Please someone kill me now.

Dara POV

My eye widened when I found out that Sunny is going to be Chanyeol's slave and i'm stuck with Niel, why her, it's always her that has to be with Chanyeol.

No one POV

The girls eyes widen knowing who they are going to be with and the boys were smirking looking at the girls scared expression.

"I want to share a room with my slave" Zelo shouted with a smirk breaking the silence that filled the room.

Hana POV

"WHAT NO!" I protested once I heard what Zelo said.

"But you're my slave,so do as I say" he ordered

"We will be your slaves only in one condition" Krystal said making everyone glance at her.

"Only if we get to share rooms with the people 'WE' want" Krystal suggested making a the girl nod in agreement.

Chanyeol POV

"Fine , 'BUT' you guys still have to do anything we ask" I said turning my gaze towards Sunny who was trying to ignore me.

"We get first pick of the rooms" I shouted while taking my things and entering one of the room with Niel who was going to be in my room.

No one's POV

The boys were going into their rooms, each with their room mates.


Chanyeol - Niel

Zelo - Kai

L.jeo - Sehun


Sunny - Dara

Hanna - Sulli

Krystal - Yoona

***********************IN SUNNY AND DARA'S ROOM*****************

Sunny POV

When the boys finally got into their rooms, it was now our turn to pick our rooms but we had the smaller rooms and to make it worst me and Dara had to be in the room next to stupid Park Chanyeol and his roomate Niel.

***********************IN HANA AND SULLI'S ROOM*******************

Hana POV

Me and Sulli were about to enter our room when I heard Zelo and his roommate Kai laughing their heads off which made me realise that their room is just opposite to ours.

"I thought it couldn't get any more worse than it already was, well I guess I was wrong" Sulli said making me chuckle.

********************IN KRYSTAL AND YOONA'S ROOM****************

Krystal POV

Me and Yoona entered our rooms completely ignoring the presence of L.joe and Sehun who were in the room beside ours, which was easy knowing how quiet they are and wouldn't be much of a problem for us.

"Yah! why do those jerks get to have bigger rooms than us" Yoona screamed at the top of her lungs while jumping on her bed.

Suddenly we heard a bang from the side of the room that had the boys on the other side.

"We heard that!" Sehun shouted back making us chuckle.


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