Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

Thea's lips curled up as she mixed a small amount of cyan and magenta, "A nice vibrant purple.   "This is going to be awesome!"  Thea beamed as she swept the brush across the canvas, "I'm definitely handing this in for midterms in two weeks."

“I still don't see what he sees in you or why they're always around you," whined a slightly accented voice behind her.

Looking over her shoulder she stopped herself from rolling her eyes.  Remember that Wendy and her friends are just jealous, she thought on a sigh.  Thea closed her eyes as she wondered why she stayed after school to work on her piece.  After several heartbeats she opened her eyes and stared blankly at the half done painting.

"I'm not sure who you're referring to," responded Thea as she cleaned her paintbrush.

"I'm referring to Gabriel," she scoffed as she rolled the 'r' in his name.  Wendy moved closer as she pretended to examine Thea's painting. "It's funny how he's always with you yet you only vaguely smell of him."  Looking her up and down she smirked.

Puzzled she shook her head, "I'm sorry?"  What the hell does she mean by smell of him?

"Don't worry about it," mocked Wendy as she smirked toward her friends.  "But it is a shame your painting got ruined."

"My painting isn't -."  Thea's eyes widened when Wendy's nails tore across the canvas.  Thea jumped to her feet as she turned and gaped at the short haired Asian girl. "What the hell," she yelled as she threw her paint palate into Wendy's chest.

Wendy growled as she took in her silk shirt, "I'm going to make you regret that bitch."

"You're going to make her regret what," asked Cyrus as she strolled confidentially into the classroom.

Wendy sneered at the ruined piece before looking back at Thea with a taunting smile. "Nothing.  I was commenting on how she smelled of sunshine and roses."

"What does my smell have to do with anything," snapped Thea.

Wendy rolled her shoulders as she smirked, "Nothing."  With a sympathetic look she and her friends giggled, "Sorry about your painting!  You should be more careful."

Thea shoulders dropped as she stared at the floral painting, "This is just too much."  How'd she rip canvas with her nails though?

"Do you want to tell me what really happened," questioned Cyrus.

"Her nails just GREW," Thea tried to use her hands to describe how Wendy's nails elongated.  Her fingers fluttered around as she tried to show how long they grew in her nervous and shocked state.

Cyrus looked worried but she shook her head, "No one nails can just grow out like that." She turned to stare after Wendy as she continued, "You must have been shocked when she pulled a razor blade or something.  We should report this to the principal."

"We should." moaned Thea as she gave the ruined artwork a long look. "I had planned to give this painting to my parents for their anniversary after it was graded.  Crap!  I have to go buy new supplies."

"It’s fine we can catch the train to Addly or Zion to pick you up some new supplies," replied Cyrus as she threw the leftover supplies into a small waste bin.  "Don't worry about it I'll -."

Thea frowned, "Please don't say you'll buy them for me.  I get an allowance! I can afford to replace them."

Cyrus gave Thea a playful stern look before she giggled, "You're so independent."

Thea bite her cheek to stop herself from making a sharp resort. "It's not like my parent's and I are poor.  We just don't have the type of money you guys do. Imagine my surprise when I found out the boy I'd been playing with since elementary school is THE Gabriel DuPont." With a twist of her lips she looked at her hands.

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