NOTE: Sorry fans, this is NOT rated R, it is PG 13+ !!!!

My sister Liddy is a try-hard. She thinks she is popular and gorgeous, but I believe this is just an act to attract her crush. I don't believe he is to be trusted. He keeps boosting her self-esteem about how pretty she is and how lucky he is to have her when I know he is only going to break her heart. Kian, rich and popular boy, has my twin sister falling for everything he says.

Even my best friends, Mariah and Ama are with the wrong guy. They aren't much different to Liddy. They are both just as stupid and 'blinded by love' as she is. You may think I'm jealous that everyone around me has a crush and I don't, but you can think for as long as you want. I couldn't care less about boys right now. They are stupid pathetic losers. I am in my first year of highschool and I just want to concentrate on my studies. And as for Liddy, there are dozens of prettier girls in Willow Creek High that Kian Sumers could fall for.

"OMG! Guess what, Bel?" Liddy screamed running across the courtyard towards me, her besties in tow. "What?" I retorted, rather rudely opening my locker door in her face. She poked her tongue at me behind the locker door and continued with her happy news that I honestly couldn't be bothered to hear. "Kian Sumers just asked me out and I said... " She paused deliberately, adding suspense. "Let me guess," I drawled, "You said y-" "YES!!!!" Liddy shouted, jumping around with Delilah, Hana and Jane who were her friends. I personally didn't like them but she thought they were trustworthy enough. "Well... " I paused. "You know he is gay? He tries to hide it up by asking out girls but I heard him talking to Dan Trevor about it last week. I thought gossip would have gone around the school since then because Ama heard." Liddy frowned, "Kian is NOT gay! Don't even say that! You're just jealous that no one likes you! Ugly YOU!" She stared icily at me before flouncing off with the three blondes. I slammed my locker shut and headed to class.

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