I feel vibrations on the bed but I ignore it. Then it goes off again. I feel around the bed until i find my phone. I look at the phone to see one text message.


        New Message
      Wake up and get ready! We're going out tonight!


      I forgot we where in London... I groan and lay back down. The phone goes off again. I throw a pillow over my head thinking it'll mute out the world.

       It goess off again, and again, and again..

       "I get it!!!!" I scream downstairs.


        I dont know where we're going, so i just put on some skinny jeans and a plain black tee. I head downstairs to find them already waiting for me by the door.


       Knowing Amy's getting the front seat, i hop in the back. We've been driving for about 15-20 minutes til we pull up to a huge house, with intoxicated teenagers all over the yard.

       "We're here!" Erica says.

       "Im not going." i say firmly.

       "Please?! You even said you would go!" She pouts. I did say that..

       "Fine!!!" I groan. We head inside the house to find girls grinding on boys, games, people gossiping. Its already to much for me.


       "Glad you could make it beautiful!!! And you brought some friends along to!" The voice sounds fimiliar.. I turn to find Harry. This is the first time i got to see his arms. One harm has a full on sleeve of tattoos, and the other arm is getting there.


       "Hi Harry! Is this your house?!" I say.

       "Yeah it is." He says, pulling me into a hug.

       "Who's the brunette?" I laugh and playfully hit him.

       "Thats Amy, be nice with her, shes sensitive." I say. He nods and walks over by Amy. She looks scared at first, until he grabs her hand and kisses it polity.


       I turn to tell Erica about Amy and her new friend, but shes already talking to a guy with black hair, and a sleeve of tattos also. I see one tattoo of his that say "ZAP". I laugh at that tattoo because of what story could possibly be behind that.

       I turn around to only be pushed on the ground by some guy. I groan as the guy says something.


       "Shit sorry!" The guy says. He has blue eyes, brown hair, a little bit of a beard going on.. He holds out a hand for me, and i accept. Me and this guy are the same hight. I brush myself off as if i got dirt all over me.

       "Sorry!! I didnt see you there! You okay?" He says, concerned .

       "Dont worry about it, im fine!" I laugh. He laughs nervously.

       "I figured you'd claw my eyes out like every other girl." I shake my head.

       "Well.. Im Louis." He holds out his hand.

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