Friends With CreepyPastas.

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Chapter 1. I've Been Kidnapped?

This book is about me. (Theblackmailruler/Harmony) trust me, this book will be interesting.

~Aw man~

I wasn't an ordanary teen, I didn't have much friends and was alone most of the time, I live on a lone street where hardly any cars drive by, I hardly ever go out at night unlike most teens nowadays.

On this particular weekend night I was bored and was allowed out late, so I went to my local Ideal Dairy and got some ice cream, as I ate it felt like someone was watching me, I hardly ever leave the house without my pocket kinife, but I forgot to bring it, I didn't feel vary safe.

As I walked home I could feel eyes starring at me, I was on a vary busy street so I figured it's just the other people walking on the other side of the road ir something, but the feeling stuck around as I walked down a less traveled road.

I turned around quickly to see if anyone was following me, I didn't see anyhing, so I continued to walk, soon I herd a voice behind me.

"Shh shh shh." It said.

I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, I was to scared to turn around, I ignored the voice and continued to walk, I kept hearing footsteps behind me so I walked faster, soon I arrived at my street.

"Finally." I sighed with relief.

I walked toward my house but saw someone standing at the corner by the stop sign, I froze in my tracks, I didn't recognize the figure.

"Shh shh shh." The figure said putting his finger up to his mouth.

'Rapist!' I thought.

I tried to run but my legs wouldn't move, my breathing became heavy, the figure began to walk closer, I found the power to step back a bit.

'W-what am I supposed to do!?!?!?!' I panicked.

I felt something fall to my feet, I looked down to see one of my pocket knifes sitting on the ground, I must have put it in my pocket awhile ago, I picked it up and went to face the rapist, he was now only two feet away from me.

'Crap.' I thought.

I could see him perfectly now, it wasn't a rapist, it was worse, for standing in front of me was Ticci Toby, I reasently read about him on the internet, I knew what he did, I knew I was no match for him.

"N-No!" I said.

"Shh shh shh." Ticci Toby said.

"No! I refuse to believe it!" I said.

I didn't want to, it must be some creep cosplaying as him.

"Shh." The Toby fake said covering my mouth.

I pushed him away and lashed out at him with my knife, he stepped back and dodged my attack.

"Go away!" I Shouted.

"Shh." The fake said.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled my towards him, covering my mouth, suddenly I had a strange feeling come over me, a feeling of exhaustion, I collapsed in Toby's arms, my world slowly faded into black as he picked me up, I passed out.


I herd voices, it sounded like they were in the same room as me.

"What do we do now?" One voice asked.

"Yeah, how do we even know she'll help us?" Another voice asked.

"I don't know, okay? I'm new at this." A raspy voice said.

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