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darkness.darkness is the only thing that eats you up inside.it makes you feel alone when your in a room full of people.but wheres the love? wheres the understanding? where is the most important things in life? what happened to the fun in a childs life.everything around us is drama.why cant we just live while were young.why cant there be peace in the darkness of a world.theres all kinds of robberies,murders,assaults and all kinds of others.yes we all know

that life is hard and difficult but being stupid and wasting your life on what you think is what you like is not making anything better.stop thinking suicide is the answer to everything.it will get better but do you know how? you have got to make it better.you and only you.think about the bright sides in life and not the dark sides.crying IS going to make it better.not suicide.just let it all out because you cant keep your feelings in all the time.you have to just let it go.speak your mind and fight for what you love. for what you think is right.just know that theres always gonna be that 1 person who couldnt live without you in this dark world.but you know what? maybe its you who can turn this darkness into the light.maybe your the only reason why some people are alive.dont get trapped and sufficated in this world.be who you are and make right of a wrong situation.your body isnt perfect but whos is? your life might not be perfect but other peoples could be worse. its okay to be jeaulous but just think,would you actually be willing to trade your life? your family? be who you are and if anyone puts you down, get up and knock them down harder.be proud of who you are. who cares if you have all these difficulties.dont let the darkness beat you down beacause theres always that speck of light that you'll always have.even if its the only thing left....

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