Chapter three♥♥

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   I woke up at eleven-thirty. I got up got in the shower. I got out checked my phone an saw that I had four messages all from Chresanto.


Chresanto♥: Where are you?

Chresanto♥: You're late

Chresanto♥: Im gettin worried call me!!

I giggled to my self and called him. He picked up on the third ring.

    ✔Phone Convo✔

"Hello, Megan were are you" he asked

  "Calm down, I'm home I over slept ." I said

  "Oh so are you come to school?"

  "nahh can you come over"



  "Okay I'm on my way"


✔Phone convo over✔

I put on some black sweat pants, my misfit T-Shirt an my black an white Jordan's. I sat down an watched TV until I dozed off.

  ~30 mins later~

I woke up and all the boys where in my  house watching sponge Bob and Craig eating MY chicken

  "Nigga why you eating my shit." I asked

  "Because everything else says Sasha and I'm hungry." He said

  "How did yall get in my house?"

  "You left the door unlocked." Chresanto said


I got up an sat on Chresanto's lap and say everyone staring at me.

  "What?" I asked

  "She want the dick!!!" Rayray said

  "Shut up no I don't."

  "Yes you do."

  "Shut your baby dick having ass up."

  He stuck his tongue out at me.

"I mean if she need the dick I can dick her down. Chresanto said

  "You cant handle me papi" I said

He grabbed my hips and kissed my neck an I let out a light moan.

  "See I thought I couldn't handle you." Chresanto said

  "You got me all horney an ain't gonna fix it" I said

  "Sorry ma' not today."

  "Whatever, so what y'all want to do?"

  "Well after you an Santo finish fucking how about laser tagging?" Ray Ray said

  "Okay that's cool with me" I said

  We got up an walked out to the car and got in an sat beside Chresanto Craig drived Ray Ray sat in the passenger seat an we drove off

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