Chapter 3:

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TJ's P.O.V

So as I'm waiting for Reagan to Finnish getting ready I pull out a blunt and as I'm about to light it I hear Reagan's big ass mouth yell she ready.  "okay Reagan I'm coming". I had on some basket ball shorts and a just do it Nike shirt on with my elite Nike socks and my slides. I walk down stares and give Reagan a death stare "Reagan what do you have on you showing a lil bit to much skin" I say. "leave her alone TJ" my momma says."thanks Reagan" says as she walks out the door. "why are we going to there house" Reagan semi yells. "because momma says we need to meet them" I say while putting my arm on her shoulder.

Reagan's P.O.V

while we walking to knock on the door at out neighbor's house I'm starting to get nervous. And atv the third knock a gorgeous little girl opens the door with this Fine as boy. He looked to be about 6'3 he was light skin with curly hair yes he is to die for.

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