The legend of the Dux

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Anna prov.

I thought everything would be easy... I thought that once the lupus canibus attacked the dux everything would be over and that we all would be able to go back to are jobs. We all thought the lupus Canibus would free us but instead they will be and are the death of us.

The Lupus Canibus where once A small group made of 9 Men and women who fought to bring the great dux down for he was a murderous man but that was a thousand years ago. They brought him down but in return before his death had turned them into blood thirsty Wolfs who could live forever and now ruin the lives of the human/enchanted races. We are basically sitting ducks as they pick who they want to take revenge on.

The land went from being the most beautiful land with its enchanted forests and mystical oceans into a versions of hell that not even i could explain. The land is controlled by my mother... she protects it, if not the land will die and even the lupus canibus will die and they can't afford that so they let us live.

I don't understand the whole history and or reason for any of our past because it's against the law... for why i have no idea but it's most likely because I, Princess Anastasia of the coniurata regnum of Atherea can stop the Lupus Canibus and the power they hold the only issue is i don't know how..


"Princess Anastasia! I have great news!"

my thoughts are pulled away from me by the small baby blossom named Rue who cleaned up after me no matter what mess I made. I look up at her gracefully, her strawberry blond hair gracefully slides down her square shoulders and down the crease of her back. The light hit her just above the nose in which was small like a button. she was just as delicate as a flower. She whore the typical fairy outfit which consisted of a little blue daisy skirt and white Daisy shirt. The thing which made her even more delicate was her left wing which was broken. The wolfs had taken her and ripped her wing because she was a threat because she was "asking" for help... more like pleading for it. But it doesn't matter the kingdom aquilone septentrionem didn'trespond or send to our request.

"what is it that makes you so cheerful? has the lupus canibus finally be defeated?" I sneered

she look down sadly. "No, Majesty but Prince Demetrius has answered your request. He will arrive here tomorrow."

"oh how dreadful! they couldn't just send Sara she is much more descent and much easier to talk to! do they wan't to disgrace this kingdom more than it already is? I must speak to mum and get her opinion on the matter!" i say flustered. I stand quickly. my silky night gown flourish by my feet. it takes no time for me to leave my cotters and reach my mothers.

I knock on the door once... then twice. A small light voice echos through the key whole. " dear child do come in." she said.

I open the door letting the warm air flow through her room as she basks through the sun light. "Dearest mother how are you? I hope great things have been whats keeping you away from here and not the Lupus Canibus." I responded graciously. I place a forbidden smile to show my sarcastic face that i show oh so pleasantly. I already knew her answer but a Little piece of me wished I was wrong.

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