PDA everywhere

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Melissa's POV

"Melissa." Someone whispered.

"Melissaaa." They said louder.

"MELISSA!" Some one shouted in my ear. I opened one of my eyes to see Louis's face right in front of mine.

"Jesus Louis! What do you want?!" I said turning over in my comfy bed.

"What, how the hell did you get in here!?" I said sitting up instantly.

"Remember, Skylar gave us a key." He said in a 'duh' voice.

"Right, well what do you want?"

"Well Harry kind of broke Niall's foot, so he's at the hospital. And Harry got in a plane crash, so were all flying down to Florida tomorrow to see him."

I gasped. Quickly covering my mouth. Poor Skylar.. And Niall... And fucking Harry!

"Oh my gosh! Can we go see Niall?" I asked quickly running into the bathroom.

"Yeah, how about in an hour?" He said shoving his hands in his pockets.

"That sounds good, see ya Lou." I said shutting the door.

"Love ya sis." He said back chuckling.

I stripped out of my pink pajama shorts and hollister shirt and turned on the shower. I jumped in when the water was scorching hot. I washed my hair with my pomegranate shampoo. Don't judge, pomegranate smells really good. I thought I heard the door open but I looked out and it was still closed. I ignored it and started to condition. Suddenly the water was too hot and it made my skin burn.

"Shit!" I said trying to get out of the shower but instead slipping and falling.

"Shit again!" I said grabbing a towel and covering my exposed body. I heard someone laughing in the hall way. I carefully turned off the shower and grabbed the baseball bat under the sink. What? Baseball bats are good for protection. I slipped on my bra and my blue robe. I quietly opened the door to see Louis laying on the floor laughing. I kicked him in the back until he turned over.

"What the fuck!?" We said at the same time.

"Don't 'what the fuck' me!" I said holding the bat in both of my hands.

"You fucking made the shower fucking 200 degrees!" I screamed.

"It was so funny though." He said cracking up.

"But damn girl your a hard kicker. Did you play soccer?" He said sitting up rubbing his back.

"Yeah, best player on the team!" I said proudly.

"Can you get me an ice pack?" He said walking into the bathroom.

"Yeah, I'll be right back." I said running to the kitchen. I carefully opened the freezer and grabbed a Dora the explorer ice pack.

When I got to the bathroom Louis had his shirt off. Try not to fangirl Melissa, Stay calm. Stay calm. I thought to myself. I handed him the ice pack laughing. He looked at it and laughed too.

"Uh erm Mel can you put it on my back." He said turning around so his back was facing me.

"Oh, sure." I said nervously putting the ice pack on his back.

"Ow ow ow!" He said grabbing my hand. He turned around so he was looking at me. His piercing blue eyes were looking at my mouth. Suddenly his lips crashed on to mine. I was shocked at first then kissed back. Wait I'm ducking dating Niall! I pulled away quickly.

"Melissa I- I'm sorry I'm such a dumb ass." He said standing up.

"It's ok." I said quietly, "I think it's best if we go see Niall now." I said pushing him out of the bathroom. The kiss was actually ok. It wasn't like me and Niall's but it was just not right. I grabbed my wet and wild brush and ran it through my hair. I put on my high-waisted shorts and my 'I like you a latte' shirt from hollister.

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