Ch.19: Airports

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Ch.19: Airports

Percy's POV

So ya it took us a while but we finally made it to California. After many bathroom stops because a certain sayter decided to drink to much coffee we were finally at our destination, the airport.

Ya I know what you're going to say "you're a son of Poseidon, you shouldn't be taking airplane rides." Well lets just extreme events cause people to let you do stuff they don't exactly let you do on a daily basis. So I guess what I'm trying to say is Zeus let us fly in the air, one because we had Thalia with us, and two because it was the fasts way to Hawaii.

When the Spanish dude ( who we yet to learn his name, settling to call him Joe) dropped us off we payed with twenty dollars, a gold Drachma, two pillows and a sandwich. He seemed pretty happy at what he got. Although we would have payed him more in cash some sayter decided to spend most of it on paper plates, plastic forks and coffee.

I walked groggily next to Annabeth as we walked to the counter to by a plain ticket. I stood in line and yawned, this as been a long trip and the minute we get to Hawaii I am getting a hotel and crashing on the bed.

As it was my turn in line I walked up to the woman behind the counter and she smiled at me. it was a creepy smile but I blew it off, my mistake. I smiled back and Annabeth asked "can we get six tickets for the closest flight to Hawaii?" the woman ( who I finally made out her name tag to be sethano ) nodded her head an said "oh yes, I sure can get that for you." I started to smack Annabeths hand to get her attention.

Of course she just ended up glaring at me.

I smiled sweetly at Sethano before saying "on second thought we have to find our friends." The woman, who Annabeth just realized who it was gave us a sad face before saying "but you should stay, and get a flight." I turned to Annabeth and she stared back at me and we both started backing away slowly.

Sethano went to dive over the counter to grab us when out if the corner if my eye I saw Thalia and the others running towards us. me and Annabeth went sprinting.

Right as we caught up to Thalia we heard Grover breath out "plane . . . crazy" before a plane crashed threw the airport wall.

We all picked up our pace till we were all at the other end of the airport with no were to go and a plane barreling toward us. That's when I saw it, the plane that would get us out of here.

I grabbed Annabeths hand and started dragging her toward the plane, everyone hit on my heels. I opened the door that led to the outdoors and we sprinted toward the plane.

As we got on the plane the pilot was standing by the door leaning against the door frame to the pilots little control room.

Lets just say I have never been happier to see the sun god standing there in all his glory.

After we were all piled in and Grover had closed the door Apollo started the dum plane prosedure. Well that was until Thalia threatened to crash the plane if he didn't hurry up.

I hate planes and I'm pretty sure as we took off I was a shade off green. to help I closed my eyes and tried to remember the smell of my moms blue cookies.

I didn't know when but Annabeth had moved into the seat beside me and was squeezing my hand for comfort. I opened my eyes to see her starring at me with concern, I gave her a reassuring smile and opened the plane window. As I looked down I could see the plane break threw to the area we had just been moments before.


Ok so I wrote this chapter at 10:30 at night a few days ago and then my iPod decided not to save it after I pressed save so I had to rewrite this chapter. Also if there is any incorrect spelling ect. It's because I'm writing this on my iPod and I will save a word and I'll come back and it's a different word. I will be writing on my iPod for a while because my wireless connector in my computer broke and my dad has to fix it, whom I only see every other weekend. I'm at his house today but I forgot to bring my laptop.

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