One of the worst things about moving into a new apartment complex off campus instead of a student hall, was not having any wifi. It was why I went to that stupid bar in the first place, free wifi and air conditioning. You could add 'no air conditioning' to the long list of why this apartment sucked.

Moving to Berkley from Minnesota had been nothing short of a shock to the system. Apart from the change in climate, I also had to get used to the people. But Henderson, Minnesota didn't offer much in the way of opportunities, so when I was offered a full scholarship to Berkley, it was too good to pass up. Even if it did mean moving 2,00 miles away from home and getting used to the new 'normal'. Like, whereas coming from a small town of just over 900 people, not waving and saying hello to every passer by was considered rude, but if you do that here apparently it 'weird' and 'creepy'. Or at least that's what I got told by a very nice homeless man on my second day here.

I couldn't complain too much though. The apartment was nice, especially considering how cheap the rent was. There was no major structural problem from what I could see and the windows were big, making the most of the Californian sun. The kitchen was relatively new and had all the essentials, not that I would know how to use half of the stuff in there, but hey, nice to know it was there if I needed it.

As soon as I got through the front door, jeans were exchanged for sweat pants and my leather jacket and tank top, for my Vikings jersey. Slumping down on my bed, I pulled out laptop and began the no doubt unfruitful task of finishing my paper. Only three days into my 'Theories of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy' class and we already had out first assignment. Professor Parsons, as unassuming and miss matched as he appeared, was a tyrant when it came to the work load. Just looking over the syllabus was evidence enough of that.

By the time evening hit, I was halfway done and decided to call it a day. Despite the many invites I had had to fraternity and sorority parties by Austin and Carla, two of the people I had met in freshman orientation and probably the only people that hadn't made me want to stab myself in the face with a fork and therefore my only friends so far, I wasn't about to start getting involved with drunk college students. So, so far my college life had consisted of early nights.

After brushing my teeth and turning off the side lamp, I shuffled down into my covers, relishing the soft noises of the traffic just below my bedroom window. That was until the music started.

Soon the soft buzz of the cars below was drowned out by muffled laughter and the heavy bass of some kind of brain numbing dance music. Really? On a Thursday night? Part of me seemed to taunt itself, questioning whether I really thought I could get lucky enough to get quiet neighbours. Neighbours with thick carpet, light footsteps and a healthy dislike of loud music. Stupid I know.

I buried my head into my pillow and groaned softly."Douchebags."

After half an hour, I gave up any hope of sleeping and threw my covers off of myself. Charging out of my room with a pillow under my arm, I headed for the living room, the furthest room from the god awful noise. The couch was no match for my bed, but it would have to do for tonight, or at least until I found a way to inconspicuously kill and hide the bodies of my dickish neighbours.

With the exception of the crick in my neck, I slept relatively well, waking up to the distant sound of my alarm in my bedroom. And after getting ready and grabbing a cup of coffee, I headed out with the intention of going to the campus library, determined to finish my paper. Although, as soon as I shut my door behind me, the apartment door next to mine caught my attention.

My eyes narrowed at the memories of the dull pounding that still haunted my mind. And like so many times before, my temper got the better of me and I decided to handle it in the best way I knew how. With a strongly worded note.

Digging a pen and a piece of paper out of my bag, I began to write what could only be described as a portentous list of insults.

Dear Jackass,

I don't know whether you are mentally challenged or just inconsiderate, but I would appreciate it if in the future, you would save your Neanderthal festivities until the weekend. I am aware that you may not have any hope for future educational endeavours, but if you would be kind enough to bear a thought for those of us who do, it would be much obliged.

No. 12


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I know that this first chapter os really short but I promise you they will be longer in the future, this was just a small introduction because I was too excited to wait to update.

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