Chapter 1.

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“Elijah?” The little girl asked as she was picking flowers in their garden. “What is it, darling?” he looked at the 6-year-old, the way her brown hair moved in the wind, and how the underside of her dress was dirty of the grass. “How do flowers grow?” She now looked up to him with her brown eyes filled with curiosity. Elijah chuckled. “It’s a combination of rain and sun. and some people believe love,” The girl got up from the ground and held her flowers closely. “Everyone needs love, even flowers,” She said as she grabbed his hand to walk along inside. “That’s right darling, everyone needs love,”

“Abigaill watch out, you might fall,” The girl just laughed and kept balancing on the fallen tree. “Abi, I’m serious, you will hurt yourself,” she finally jumped off of it and looked at him. “You will be there to catch me, right Nik?” She asked and did a quick twirl on the top of her toes. “ofcourse I will be there, why do you ask?” Niklaus picked up her woollen coat. “because the girls in the village think you are scary,” he laid the coat over her shoulders. “let them think that, I will always catch you,” he smiled at the 12-year-old. “I knew it,” She just giggled before she ran towards their home, leaving him behind.

“do you ever wonder about the future, what it will bring you?” Rebekah looked up, a bit surprised. “why do you ask?” she asked before she went back to braiding the girls hair. “Because I wonder about it. All my friends are getting married soon,” Rebekah chuckled soft. “Don’t worry about marriage, we won’t push you,” She tied the last bit up with a ribbon and then got up. “I know, but I can still wonder. I can’t imagine myself with a boy from town, they are all so, lame,” Abigaill got up from her chair. “Don’t worry about that today, it’s your 17th birthday, be happy,” 

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