Chapter 13

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Rose's POV

I woke up a bit late today, it was New Year's Eve, I was so excited to go to this party that one of the students in school was having and basically invited everyone.

Mom was also going to a party today, I was very excited for her as well.

" good morning " I said as I went to the kitchen and made myself breakfast.

" morning!" Ashley said while eating.

" where's mom?" I asked.

" oh.. I think she's still sleeping." Ashley said.

" but... That's weird because she's not used to sleep till now!" I said.

" well yeah, but she stayed up late last night talking to I don't know who on the phone."

" oh okay." I said while eating.

When we finished we went to the living room and watched a bit of TV.

" Good morning girls!" Mom said with a huge smile on her face.. She looked so happy.

" morning mommy" Ashley said.

" good morning mom" I said.

She then went to the kitchen and made herself breakfast.

After she finished she joined us on the couch, watching TV with us.

" are you girls ready for today? " mom asked us.

" no.. I actually don't know what to wear!" Ashley said.

" me neither! " I said.

" oh.. Then you girls better start planning everything out because you have to get ready for the night.. The party starts at 9:00pm.. Right?" Mom asked.

" yeah" I said.

" well then come on Rose.. Let's go up stairs and choose our outfits!" Ashley said excitedly.

" alright!" I said as we both went up to our rooms.

After literally hours of trying every single dress we had in our closets.. We finally find the perfect ones.

Ashley chose a black mini dress, and I chose a dark red short flowy dress.

It was about 4pm when we figured what our outfits will be.

" wow! 5 hours left! What should we do?" I sighed.

" I don't know.. Should we just ready already and go to the party early?" Ashley said.

" umm yeah.. I think that's a good idea."

I then got up and went to take a shower.

Ashley's POV

I went to my room and took a shower after that, it was about 5pm when I was done. I really like just standing there under the water and think about stuff.

I wore my dress, then started to do my hair. I decided to let it down and do a braided headband. I really liked that.

Then I started to do my make up, I kept it light and simple.. But not too simple.

I put on some light glittery eyeshadow, then put mascara, some light pink blush, and a red lipstick.

I honestly liked how I looked, I then wore my black heels and put on some little diamond earrings.

I got out of my room to see Rose already done with her little red dress, she had her hair also down, curled up at the ends and she had very light make up on.

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