Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

••Ashton's POV••

Six weeks. Six weeks we've been stuck in Limbo, and it's all my fault. If I hadn't gone behind Hazel's back and tried to do the sacrifice, we wouldn't be here.

Granted we'd both be dead....well deader, Hazel having used to be a ghost and all, the sacrifice worked in one way I guess. But if I hadn't she would've Faded and I would've died, all for love.

It's not like I regret loving Hazel, god no, I don't know what I'd do without her, but still, love's what got us stuck here.

We've spent the last six weeks walking. Every day, we leave whatever cave or tree or whatever that we slept in and just walk, always looking for a way out, even though we know it's useless. No one has ever escaped Limbo, and I doubt we'll be the first, we're more likely to be killed by a Lyara or one of the Detested. The Detested are spirits that were banished for their doings on earth, it's the ultimate punishment, to wander Limbo for all eternity, slowly loosing their minds, with only their insanity to keep them company.

A Lyara on the other hand, is a creature of the Otherworld, but they unfortunately have the annoying habit if escaping through the worlds and a whole best ended up here. They're massive, a fully grown adult is at least the size of a large tank, they have bat wings, except they're a deep, blood red and are covered in dark purple and orange feathers. They also have razor sharp, black beaks that are designed to strip the flesh off of a body. Oh and one more thing, Lyaras can spit fire and eat their victims, alive.

Today started like all the other days, we woke up, and left the cave we were in, I was glad to leave this one, it was particularly unpleasant, some large creature had clearly eaten something and then left the remains. We tried to find some food, we generally eat berries and fruit from the trees, sometimes I'm able to bring down one of the strange birds that's live here and we cook and eat that.

There was one time, when we'd been here about a week and a half, I actually summoned two burgers here into Limbo with my powers, but that completely drained me and I could barely walk for two days, but it was definitely worth it.

It was a big shock when we discovered Hazel was actually alive again, when she had been Fading, she's needed to sleep, but that was it. So when she started getting hungry here and needing to do things like wash and go to the toilet, and she was able to bleed, we decided, she's alive.

As we walk along a river bank, I think about my friends, the ones I left at home.

'Haze?' I ask,

'Yeah?' She replies, looking back at me.

'What do you think Michael, Luke and Calum are doing right now?'

She frowns slightly,

'Honestly,' She says,

'I think they're mourning.'


'Ash, we completely disappeared. They probably think that I Faded and that you died because of the whole Necromancers only loving once thing. They probably think we're gone.'

'I hadn't thought of it that way.' I say,

'Do you really think that they won't even try to find us?'

'They might look for you, but if they think I'm gone 'cause my year is up, what's the point in looking for me, I wouldn't exist anymore.'

'We'll I'm glad you do.' I say, kissing her softly. She smiles, before taking hold of my hand.

'Come on, we can probably get in another five or six miles before sunset.' Sunset is when we need to get under shelter quickly. As soon as it's dark, the amount of monsters doubles, we discovered that on the first night. We thought we'd just look around, but we ended getting attacked by a group of Jali.

These are basically lizards, except they're a bright blue and yellow colour with orange spikes and one touch from their tongue or a cut from their claws will leave you unconscious for about two days, while you relive your worst memories and fears. Not fun and we barely got away, I had to use fire to draw them away and then lightening to finish them off.

We start to walk, and as we do, our landscape completely changes, what was once a field with a river running through it, is now desert covered in yellow sand, with no shelter in sight.

'Crap!' Hazel says,

'You've got that right,' I reply,

'We really need to get moving, we need to find shelter, and fast!' The sun is already setting, we had at least four more hours, but Limbo is messing with us, it always changes randomly, never giving warning. Hazel is about opens her mouth to reply, when we hear a loud hissing from behind us. Spinning around, we see a fully grown Lyara.

It rears up in front of us, spreading it's wings menacingly and glaring down at us. Fuck.

'Haze,' I say,

'Walk slowly backwards, I'm going to transport us.' She stares at me, her eyes wide.

'But Ash, you know what happened last time!' She whisper-shouts.

'I know,' I reply,

'But we don't have anything to protect ourselves with, we don't know how to kill these things yet and we need to get away.' Last time I tried to transport us in Limbo, we ended up at the bottom of a lake, my magic is much more powerful here, but it's unpredictable, especially transporting.

'Okay.' She says simply.

The Lyara beats it's wings at us, and is about to dive down, it's beak ready to slash at us when I grab Hazel's hand and transport us out of there.

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