I lead her inside and to the living room. Dana is in her room and I am just hoping she doesn't come down stairs. "I'll explain," she starts, "you will get your pay check at the end of each month." I purse my lips, "how long will I be doing this?" I ask, "well since Niall's old girlfriends lasted well..not that short it was convincing, so you'll have to go longer..." My eyes slightly widen and worry fills me. "How long?" I wonder out loud. "It will say in the contract." I narrow my eyes, confused. "Contract?"

She nods, "yes. You will have to sign a contract agreeing to our terms and rules, you will do as we say and if you ever want to terminate your contract then it will cost you." I furrow my eyesbrows, "cost me?" I ask in disbelief. "Yes. You will have to pay a fee of 200,000$" She says and my mouth drops and my eyes widen, now how many times have I done that today? "But that's basically the whole amount that would be sent to me after it's done!" I exclaim. "Exactly. But I don't think you will terminate the contract, Niall is a kind young man. He hasn't done anything to pressure anyone."

"10K a month?" I make sure. "10K a month." She confirms, "after a year and if you are okay with it, we will extend the contract, increasing the time you have to be his girlfriend and also increasing the money. But that's for another day to disscuss about." I gulp, "that's a lot of money." I am actually smiling inside. "I'll finally be able to take care of my sister."

She looks confused. "I'm sorry?" I smile and shook my head, "it's nothing. We just don't have much of a parent figure around." I sum it up. "Oh. I'm sorry." I click my tounge, "they all are. But I don't care, I could leave if I want but I rather stick with my sister." Why am I telling her this.

She seems speechless, unsure of how I will react to her words. She clears her throat, "so when does it start?" I ask, "tonight at the bonfire." She tell me. "But, how will I get him to fall for me? I can't just go to him and say "hey Niall, you wanna be my boyfriend and fall for me hard?" It's not easy to get a guy to fall for me." It actually is but their all assholes. Niall isn't too much of phone. He doesn't know how to leave someone alone but he's not an asshole like the other guys I've met, how will I even be nice to him!? I almost broke his arm on purpose. I can't say one nice word.

"You will be coming with me, you are going to have a meeting with Modest right now." She says, "for what?" I ask, "an interview on your past and information about you." My heart stops, no...I-I can't. "You don't need to know about my fucking past." I snap. "Actually we do, it won't be shared with anyone, we need to know what kind of person you are. Now go get dressed."

"Fine," I grumble, "and can't you already tell? I'm a troubled girl who doesn't give two shits about anything. I don't let people control me so you are going to have a hard time in this contract. I'm determined." I walk upstairs without a response from her. I get dressed in my dark beige shirt that reads; breakfast coffee pancakes with a greyish light blue denim shorts and black flats. (Picture to the side>>>)

I put my hair in a messy bun and jog downstairs. "Kay, I'm ready to go." I say hazly. Wow, I'm bummed. "Great, follow me." She leads me outside to a black SUV and we both hop in the back. Her own driver, not surprised. "You will have your own driver starting tomorrow morning." I raise my eyebrows, "Won't that make the boys and...other people a bit suspicious?" I ask, she thinks hard and then agrees, "thanks." I say, "so I'll take the bus as usual, I'll take my skateboard to school or a taxi." She nods, "Oh and everyday starting also tomorrow Lou, the boys hair and make up stylist, will come over to do your makeup and hair also bringing some clothes." I laugh and she gives me a confused look.

"Or, I could go to the mall and buy some new clothes." She shook her head. "Or I could simply rip the clothes you assign for me." She narrows her eyes, "you're right about not letting anyone be control of you." I smirk, "hell yeah I am."

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