Chapter 2: The Arrest

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    Then, my boyfriend Charlie came with a shotgun and hid in the bushes with me and my brother came out of the house with an AK47 and he shouted ''Kayla! Where are you!''

I explained everything to my boyfriend, and he understood it all.

Charlie came out of the bushes and tried to talk to my brother and once my brother saw the shotgun in his hand he shot Charlie and he died.

I called the cops and said ''My boyfriend Charlie was killed by my brother!'' they said ''What is your brother's name''  ''Bob Snicks'' I said

''We'll be there shortly'' they said

Once the cops came they arrested my brother for kidnapping and murder.

My brother was gone for good.

He was in jail for life.

I went back to the house where me and Charlie lived I opened the door and went inside.

It was 8:00 and I had to go to sleep

so I quickly ran to my room and I layed on the bed and slept and hoped everything would be better the next day...

                       Day Three

      I woke up

and I saw blood

all over the walls and I went to the door and I open it and I saw my boyfriend's ghost and he attacked me and I screamed and I jumped out the window. (I was on the first floor). And I called the cops and told them I saw a ghost. I didn't wanna be there so I moved into a hotel for a couple days.

The hotel was called The Nights Hotel.

It was kinda weird though but I just wanted to get away from my house for a little while.

    I walked into the hotel and I asked the guy "Can I get a room please?" "Sure," he said I gave him the money and smiled. "Go to room 19".

I went to Room 19 and opened the door I saw a nice clean bed, a bathroom, a couple windows, and a closet. Also a flat-screen TV, It was all I needed.

It was 4:00 so I headed to sleep

I woke up at 9:00 and I looked around and saw that the walls were black.

To be continued...

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