Chapter 1 _Finally home

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I was starting to feel nervous, for what reason I do not know. I mean this was the place I spent most of my teenaged years growing up, all my good memories are here and my family was here. I started to pick at my nails, which is something I do when I’m nervous. I looked out of the car window, the windows of the school glaring at me. It was like I didn’t belong here anymore, like I had done something wrong and didn’t deserve to be here.

“Are you okay?” Shane said when he stopped the car in front of the double doors leading to the entrance lounge of the school. I turned to look at him and nodded my head but I probably looked terrified. He gave me a small smile and then got out of the car. I took a deep breath before getting out of the car. “I was coming around to open the door for you” he said with a smirk across his face, so he grew up with a manner, that’s nice.

“Well… Thanks I guess” I replied. We stood in an awkward silence after that before he broke it.

“We should go in, don’t want to keep them any longer” He said walking ahead of me to the doors. I took another deep breath and followed him. Why was I so nervous, I should be happy that I’m safe and with people I love but why do I feel like I’m walking into a lion’s den?

I was less than one hundred steps away from the room I’m being taken to, less than fifty now and we have now reached the destination. I walked into the big living room, the fire illuminating the room casting shadows along the floor and walls. Out of the whole school this has to be my favourite, with the exception of my bedroom suit, the living room looked like something out of Downton Abby, with the grand fireplace, the embroidered pillows, the patterned rug rolled across the mahogany floor boards and the book cases filled from bottom to top.

I just stood looking at the fire, ignoring the nerves I have in the pit of my stomach. I needed answers but I don’t think I want them. I mean how long have I been away, how did I come to be in the white room, who was the woman with the familiar laugh. Some answers I wanted some I didn’t want to know.

I heard footsteps coming my way and I panicked. I grabbed the gun I had in my tucked inside the top of my trousers and pointed it at the door. The door opened revealing Miss Lucy and Shane staring shocked at me well maybe not Shane. They looked at me but I did not lower my weapon, I had this feeling inside of me, a feeling I had not had in a long time.

I, Julie Evans, was scared.

I was trained not to be scared but I guess whatever happened to me had undone my training. I could feel hot tears prick my eyes as I stared at the woman I had known all my life, the woman who had trained me and taught me to be the girl I am today, but I couldn’t lower the gun. It was like I wanted to shoot her but I didn’t at the same time. Why? Why did I want to shoot the woman who practically raised me in the world we live in?

“Julie, sweetie, put the gun down” she said, I could hear her heart broken voice. I had missed her voice so much but still I could not put the gun down. It was like I wasn’t in control of my actions like there was somebody else inside me making me do the things I didn’t want to do. What’s wrong with me? I could feel the hot tears spilling over and sliding down my cheeks.

“Julie” Shane said walking slowly towards me. “Give me the gun” he said calmly, to be honest he sounded a bit like my brother did when I didn’t give him the TV controller. I didn’t move, the gun was still pointed at Miss Lucy.

Shane had gotten closer than I had expected, he now stood in front of me blocking the gun from my target. I looked up at him with tear filled eyes and all I could see in his was worry and concern and something else I could not describe. He slowly took the gun out of my hands and set it on the table behind him. Next thing I knew I was in his arms crying out all my pain on his chest.

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