The Crazy Begins

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-Banistar's POV

Oh great, I thought, now I have to sit by dad talk to him like nothing happened, I guess nothing did. "Dinner's ready!" Mom called in her most motherly tone. She smiled at me before going to get the food. Dad emerged from his bedroom, awkward. I fidgeted with my napkin and fork. Dad didn't seem to notice.

   Mom carried out a large bowl of spaghetti. "Now let's eat!" She laughed. It hurt to know she was trying this hard and I was trying, but still felt forced to live with her. Hopefully she wouldn't bring it up. "Banistar realized living with you was the wrong decision, and has decided to stay with me." She said in her "I'm a bratty teen's mother" tone. Dad glared at her, then at me. "I still get her on the weekends though, right?"

"Of course, that's what we agreed, why wouldn't you?" Dad shrugged. My heart was beating all over the place. I felt sweaty. I needed to get out of here. Mom tried asking me about school. I coaxed her into thinking it was great and told her I had friends that were nice- lies! after dinner I ran to Ryan's house. I needed to get to talk to him completely alone. His mom worked late on Saturday's. His date with Sarah had to be over by now. Ryan's house was silent. The lights were off in every room, except for Ryan's. I stepped inside.

"What the Hell?!" Ryan exclaimed and jumped off his bed. "Nice to see you, too." I replied. "What do you want?"

"I came here to... talk."

"Talk? We already talked! That's not why you're here."

"I'm here cause I'm gonna fight you."

"Seriously? Get out of my house!" He started shoving me out the door when I turned around abruptly and punched him. He held his face. I came in for another attack, but got pushed out the door.

  At least I got to punch him. Dad was waiting at Ryan's front door. Ryan lives in one of those fancy secluded houses, so the front was covered by trees. "Hey dad." I started to walk past him, but got grabbed me again. "Does your boyfriend live here?" He started to shake me when I didn't answer. "No! He's my ex boyfriend. I came to break up with him!" I lied to cover.upy foolishness. Dad let go of me. This wasn't like him, he was always so happy, now he was scary. The two of us got in his car. "Does mom know about him?"

"Yes." I whispered. "Does everyone, but me know?"

I couldn't say. "You're keeping secrets from me, you and your mother. I don't like it. I need to know you better. Your mother and I decided it would be good for you to stay at my house during the week. You can go to your mothers every other weekend."

"That's not fair!" Dad definitely was mad. I shut my mouth as he blabbered about stuff. Something inside him snapped, or maybe he got drunk today. Mom stopped noticing when he leaves, and I never cared. Maybe hes been drunk all day. I didn't notice any strong smell of alcohol though.

  The drive home was pretty short. Mom's car was gone. Before I could step in the house dad grabbed my hair and pulled me to face him. I could smell the beer and whiskey now. "Don't leave this house again, ever!" and he pushed me away. I staggered into the house. running to my room; I saw a note on the table.


                                               - LOVE MOM

-Regin's POV

The bar was mostly empty. I sat alone by the bartender. I let him buy me a drink. "What's your name?"

"Regina Rigorri. It's Italian."

"Did you drive here?"


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