Chapter 3- Night of the Sheltok

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!!!!WARNING!!!! Do NOT read the second part of this chapter at night. I wrote it at night, and nearly gave myself nightmares. Please take caution!

<POV- Iris>

I teleported the both of us into Michael's shop. He ran upstairs, grabbed everything he could, then came back down.

"Well, I grabbed enough materials for tools and armor. Could I get you to carry the food?" he asked me.

"Sure," I reply as I pull out an Ender chest, setting it on the floor, grinning as I did so. "How much you want to take?"

He smiled back. "That's cool! How many of those do you have?"

"Oh, about a dozen or so," I answered.

After we cleared out his shop (yes, I did say 'cleared out'), I teleported us back into the woods. We met Phil, and I placed him on my right shoulder. We hadn't gone ten feet before someone saw us.

"There they are!" someone yelled to our right.

"Come on!" I grabbed onto Michael's arm. We ran until we came out of the trees, faced with an ocean... Crap...

The guards came out to the tree line, then drew their swords, beginning to advance.

I waved my hands around, forming a ball of Ender energy (I like to call it Endergy). I threw it to the ground in front of us, causing the blocks to sink down, forming a chasm that stretched nearly half a mile in front of us both left and right.

The guards came up to the chasm's edge. One of them kept running in an attempt to jump across the chasm. He came up short, hitting the edge with his chest, but catching himself. He tried climbing onto our side, but lost his grip when the dirt came loose. I teleported him just over his friends so that he came down on top of them. As they all laid in a heap, I caused a flurry of Ender particles to swarm around me, forming dragon wings in my back.

"What the!!?" I heard Michael yell as he jumped back.

"Come on!" I ran behind him, grabbing him under his shoulders. "Hold on Phil!"

Phil tightened his grip as I took off flying over the ocean.

I kept looking down at the huge puddle we were flying over. I must have looked nervous, because Michael asked, "not a big fan of water?"

"What do you think?" I asked nervously.

"I'll keep an eye out for land, just keep focused on flying."

"Got it," I nodded. I think...


<POV- Narrator>

Elsewhere, the same portal that Iris had built was activated. And who would step out, but Rick himself. He was accompanied by even more men than before.

The group walked several meters, when they heard the sound of the village in an uproar.

"Well... Sounds like somebody found Iris. Get ready to make some new friends, boys," Rick grinned.


"Where did she go then?!" an angry woman questioned.

"Like I said before, we don't know!" Joash yelled at the crowd that was gathered.

"Captain! We just saw her and Michael escape! She used her magic to grow wings, and flew out to sea!" one of the men that had followed them reported.

"Well there you go then! She's headed north, and we'll probably never see them again," Joash said firmly.

"I wouldn't be so sure, 'captain'," Rick raised his tone with all the pride he could muster.

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