The Run Up To Summer

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Above is Sienna!!!(Annasophia Robb)

It was the last week of year eleven. Monday morning. I strolled into school with Kyra, as per usual, saw Jessica and Sofia, gave them a hug, and then carried on to Kyra's locker. That was what I had always done. Kyra usually used this time to tell me what had gone on during her evening tennis lessons and I told her about the latest Facebook gossip and funny messages that people sent to me.

It was the end of a long year and we were ready for a well-deserved break. We were also excited because we knew that we would be watching movies all day. 

We had arrived early so we decided to walk around school and make a few plans for the summer. We were talking about Kyra's sixteenth birthday party, which fell into the holidays as it always did when I glanced at my watch. It was 8:29.

"I'd better go then," I said quickly. Kyra, like Sofia, wasn't bothered about school. 

We sat down in our places and waited for Sir to come in, as he was often late.

A minute later, he breezed in with a DVD. What a relief! We all quickly set about moving our chairs into the middle of the room.

Sir put the DVD in and sat himself near the door so he could keep an eye on us. We were all quite squashed and I, being the kind person that I am (snort!) let my mates sit together in front of me while I sat behind them. There was one spare seat next to me that I was saving for Jessica who had gone for a wee but guess who got there first?

You got it.


He swaggered in, carrying his blazer over one shoulder with his tie undone and he plonked himself down next to me, rubbing his scuffed knuckles. 

Jessica then went all huffy and sat in front of me next to Sofia. I just rolled my eyes at Mason, who grinned and winked at me as if it was a game. I could not get over how good looking he was. Every time I saw him, something sparked in my heart and I stared at him for a second before I came to my senses and looked away.

 Mason would not just let me watch the film. He kept whispering to me, tickling me and stealing my pens out of my blazer pocket. For anyone that doesn't know, I am extremely ticklish and I start giggling stupidly when someone tickles me. That's exactly what I did. I desperately tried to suppress my laughter and the result was muffled, obscene-sounding chortling.

The girls behind us poked me in the shoulder and when I looked over at them, smiled and whispered, "Shut up, Lovebirds."

I gave them my famous death stare and sat back in my seat. My hands, as usual were freezing so I put them under my thighs to warm them up. I felt the fabric of my blazer move slightly and caught sight of a hand delving into my pocket. Suddenly, I turned into a freaking ninja and yanked his hand out of my pocket. He laughed quietly and try as I might, I could not stop myself from smiling back.

I glanced at Sir and he had his 'Shut up!' look on so I decided to settle down and try to ignore Mason's presence

Five minutes later, I could not resist stealing another glance at Mason and I was surprised to note that he was not watching me for once. He was watching the film. I resumed looking at the screen and immersed myself in the comedy of the movie.

I felt warm pressure gripping my cold right hand's fingers. My palm felt the same pressure, too. My hand was being held, I realised slowly... by Mason's. Our fingers were interlinked, our hands were entwined, and it felt like everyone was staring at us. At that moment, I didn't even care. I doubt that Mason cared either because he was so busy staring at me sweetly and smiling as if all of his birthdays and Christmases had rolled into one. We remained like that for the entirety of the lesson whilst Jasdip grinned at me from the other side of the room.

 Mason's hands were big, I noticed, and they were strong yet supple, unlike most other boys' hands. They held my small, bony hands tightly so that I couldn't let go but softly enough that I didn't feel as if all blood flowing to my fingers would stop. I could not stand people who held my hands all floppy and fakely and I figured that Mason couldn't too so I gently squeezed back, daintily but with more strength than expected from my skinny little hands. He smiled into the gentle glow from the interactive smart-board and I felt a deep happiness bloom inside me. 

There was no knowing what would happen.

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