Read Between The Lines

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Hello, I'm Winnie the Pooh

And i am the keeper of the zoo.

Not the ones with fuzzy cute animals,

But that of psychos, clowns, and cannibals.

Take a trip in the psycho's mind.

You'll play his game until you run out of time.

when things are at their worst,

you beg for mercy as you ride home in a hearse.

Now to the clown, away from the psycho's bound

Tiptoes quiet, not daring to make a sound.

You will be pulled in laughing at his jokes.

then soon be sorry for believing his merciless hoax.

And Finally the cannibal feeding on brains.

Not literally, but figuratively it drives him insane.

He'll trick your mind and tear your soul,

until you pay his final toll.

Take a trip deep into my mind,

and you will see what is impossible to define.

You'll never understand what I'm trying to say,

For my sanity has just sailed away.

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