[7] Are you going to make a sequel?

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I’m not sure about other authors…but that question really annoys me.

Sequels have become so popular nowadays that it’s practically EXPECTED of authors to make a sequel, especially of books that have made it big on Wattpad. And 85% of the time, authors make sequels. I don’t know if they make sequels because they originally planned it or because the demands of the readers was so much that they gave in.

But I absolutely despise sequels. Well…most of the time.

Of course, I’ve read plenty of books where there are sequels to them, but most of the time, I don’t even bother to read the sequel because the first book already clarified everything up and there was a happy ending. Why should I ruin that happy ending by going through more troubles and drama with the main characters in the sequel? It just turns me off from reading.

Now, I understand the point of sequels. Sequels are meant to ride on the coattails of the first book in the series. Because after all, if you’ve got a popular book, might as well bring that audience to the next book for easy fame, right?

However, that’s just not my way of doing things. I’m the type who likes to read through one book and have everything finished through it.

The only types of books that I absolutely approve of that may have sequels are adventure books. Adventures are endless and there’s a lot of ground to cover in an adventure.

The types of books that really turn me off from reading sequels…are romance books.

Very hilarious considering the fact that most stories on Wattpad that have sequels are romance. But it just doesn’t make any sense to me when you’ve given readers the happy ending we wanted with the main couple and then you make a sequel and throw more problems at them! I don’t get it! You’ve ended it perfectly and I’m satisfied! Leave it at that! Stop making things more complicated!

Something that REALLY, REALLY pisses me off is when a book has the clichéd yet satisfying ending—proposal, marriage, [number] years later, future kids, future happy life—but a sequel is made about the main characters’ lives a few months later.

What the hell? You just showed us their marriage! You showed us their FUTURE! Their CHILDREN! Their happy lives as husband and wife! And now you’re making a sequel, showing the troubles they go through a few months later from the original timeline? WHY?

And then there’s the fact that some sequels just seemed…forced. It’s like the author randomly came up with some problems for the couple to go through in order for there to be a sequel.

In most forced sequels I’ve read, it’s the act of being conflicted that drives the story, not the act of overcoming that conflict. Does that make sense? No? No worries, that doesn’t make sense to me as well…I’m kidding. Did I blow your mind?

Anyway, STOP IT WITH ASKING AUTHORS IF THEY’RE GOING TO MAKE A SEQUEL! Stop forcing them to make a sequel if they don’t want to, because if you do, it’s just going to come out forced. If the author originally planned out a sequel and will eventually make one, good for them and for you readers. If the author suddenly comes up with something good for a sequel, good for them and you again.

But stop pressuring an author to make a sequel because you miss the characters or want to find out more about their lives afterwards. I understand, you don’t want to let go just yet because you loved the book and its characters that much. But there has to be an end to everything. Let the story end while it’s still good.

What do you guys feel about sequels? Do you not like them either or do you absolutely love them? Let me know your thoughts!

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