Chapter Eight- Sick

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Chapter Eight- Sick

Niall's POV:

I woke up to my mom putting a wash cloth over my head. She jumped a little when she saw I was awake.

"Oh good, you're awake." I nodded my head slowly, but I got really dizzy. I also had a major headache.

"What happened?" I asked, while she handed me a glass full of water and a pill.

"Well when you came home, you threw up. So Harry and Charlotte carried you to the sofa. Then last night you broke into a sweat, so I checked your forehead. You had-or have, a fever."

I lied back down, putting my head against the sofa. At least my mom will be here to take care of me, just like she used to.

"Well, mom. I guess if I have to be sick I'm glad you can stay and take care of me. Can you make me that soup you used to?" I asked as I closed my eyes again, my stomach felt horrible.

"Um actually, I have to work today. But don't worry, I left you in good hands."

I ran my fingers through my hair, and then said, "Harry." Man, was he a real mate? I mean anybody willing to take care of me when I'm sick, sure is a real mate to me.

My mom frowned then looked up at the clock.

"Oh my, it's almost seven thirty, I have to go. Oh and Niall?" My mom called as she was halfway through the door.

"Um well, Harry isn't the one who's going to be taking care of you. He had to leave, something about friends in Dublin or something. He'll be back tomorrow night. But I'm working late tonight, just warning. Bye love you!" My mom said in one huff of breath, clearly in a rush.

I sighed and then propped my legs up against the other side of the sofa and tried to fall asleep. Easier said then done though, and I just simply couldn't. What to do? I looked around the room bored. I mean, I'm a little warm but I feel fine. I got up and looked around the kitchen, it was still the same as it used to be. The fridge was fully stocked, but food right now was not an option. If I ate, I would just throw it up and that would be food gone to waste. I sighed and then made a thinking face. Maybe some fresh air would help.

I went outside and shut the door, then took a seat on the steps to the porch. There was this little tiny ant crawling up the step, and normally I would've killed it right away but I stopped to watch it. It was searching for food, and as soon as it came near me I blew it away. Then I leaned my head against my hand and just sat there.

Ten minutes into sitting there Mrs. Blakely pulled into her driveway. She stepped out of her car and then popped the trunk.

"Hi Mrs. Blakely," I said pushing myself up from the steps.

"Oh Niall dear! It's good to see you, my you're all grown up now. You're a man now, huh?" She said as she grabbed a few bags from her car and then stopped to look at me. I blushed and then nodded my head. Man, Mrs. Blakely was still cool. How come Charlotte isn't?

"Well I don't know if your mom told you, but I'm supposed to be taking care of you, since you're sick and all." I smiled cheerfully.

"I feel fine, I don't know why my mom is making such a big deal about it. Honestly." She tilted her head to the side a little.

"If you say so, then that's great! But I'm still going to take care of you. Mind helping me with the groceries though? I got all the ingredients for your mom's soup."

"Gee, thanks Mrs. Blakely. If something ever happens to my parents can I come live with you?" I was just kidding of course. I'm a grown man, I can take care of myself.

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