Chapter Two

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“No, no, no stay awake!” I told the passed out brunette. He woke for about five seconds, stared at me, and then closed his again with a half-smile on his face. His gaze was intense. I almost felt like he was trying to look into my soul or something. I kept trying to get to wake up until I heard the faint sound of sirens approaching. “Everything is going to be fine now. The paramedics are here, and you’ll be okay.” I repeated this over and over again to the unconscious stranger until I was pushed out the way.

                “Do you know what happened?” The burly, balding paramedic asked me after they put the stranger on a gurney. I looked over at the stranger as they checked his pulse and attempted to clean some of his wounds before getting him to the hospital.

                “Why is his blood black?” I asked.

                “I don’t know. Do you know what happen? Are you his friend?” The man kept repeating his questions, getting louder and more irritated that I wasn’t answering right away. I did not know how to answer these questions, I did not know the answers.

                “I was on my way to buy candy. I saw him past out in the park lot, bleeding so I called emergency services. I waited with him for approximately  twelve minutes. He open his eyes briefly, but soon closed them. Do you know if he is going to get better?” I said all this as quickly as I could. I wondered if they would let me ride in the ambulance with him.

                The man wrote everything I said down in a small notebook and left. I just stood there unaware of what to do with myself, when I heard a large crash. I turned to see the reason for the noise and I was shocked to see the stranger, not only awake, but kicking and thrashing.

                He kept struggling and attempting to hit the people trying to help him. I did not know what to do. I ran up to the vehicle to where I could see him. He was still bleeding, but that did not seem to affect him at all. The paramedics were trying to get a sedative into his arm, and I do think he wanted that.

                “Stop! It’s okay they’re only trying to help you!” I yelled at the stranger. May be he knew my voice, that I had tried to save him and he would listen to me. At the sound of my voice he stopped all movement and just looked at me. He didn’t blink, he didn’t smile-it almost looked like he was not even breathing. I was shocked when he stopped all movement and just looked at me. The paramedics took this opportunity to slip the needle into his arm, he finally broke eye contact and growled at the paramedics.

                I watched the paramedics struggle to push his down onto his back. He shoot back up quickly and looked around, I think he was looking for me, he stopped when he found me. He did not say anything he just reached his hand out. Without even having to think about, I took his hand and climbed into the ambulance beside him.

Harry POV

                I saw her again, she was still here. I drifted in and out of conciseness. I heard an asshole paramedic yelling at her. Back the fuck up, bro, I thought. I finally realized what was happening after those dumbass turned off those loud sirens-they were taking me to a hospital. A human hospital. How was I supposed to example why I was healing so quickly? I tried to stand up, but kept getting pushed back down. These assholes do not want to mess with me. I better call Zayn. One of the benefits of being a Child of the Moon was that we didn’t have to talk, we could speak into each other’s heads. Actually only Alpha could do it to their pack members. I could read their minds if I tried hard enough, but I hardly ever did that.

                Zayn. Zayn. ZAYN. I mind-yelled at my Beta. He better answer.

                What is it, my so great and powerful Alpha? Even in his mind, Zayn is a sarcastic idiot.

                I’m hurt, you motherfucker. The Tergens’ ambushed me, and some woman found me. She called the police and I’m on my way to a human hospital. I relayed this information quickly, as I was still struggling with these idiots trying to hold me down.  

                Where are you? Are you okay, Harry? What did those son of a bitches do to you? Zayn spoke quickly and I could practically see him getting the guys together. It was funny how he went from a sarcastic dick to an over caring friend.

                I’m fine, Zayn. I just cannot go to real hospital. I need to meet the ambulance at the hospital and get me. Simple. You don’t even need to bring Niall. I really hoped Niall wasn’t already with him, which small hope is consisting they are always together.

                Too bad I’m already with Zayn, Har. Niall voice invaded my minds. I groaned. It wasn’t that I did not love the little guy. It was just when Niall was with Zayn, Zayn always had to be two places at once making sure Niall wasn’t hurt. Which is ridiculous considering that Niall is a better fighter than Zayn.

                Thanks, mate. Niall voice replied.

                Don’t get full of yourself, sweetheart, he was just bei-. I shut them out tired of this conversation. I should have called Liam or Louis. I trusted them all the same, but Zayn was always my right hand man.

                After my conversation I realized that they were going to sedate me. I couldn’t have that. I struggled with the men until I heard a voice yelling at me to stop. I turned to the source of the noise. There she was again, telling me to calm down. Somehow her voice managed to do that. I let my guard down, just as some asshole jammed a needle in my arm. Son of a bitch. I did not know what do, so I reached out my arm towards her, hoping and praying, that she would take it. She did. As the ambulance drove away I felt her holding my hand, and for the first time in centuries, I felt safe. 

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