Chapter Six - Ring In The New Year Part Two

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Ringo looked up from his game of solitaire when John walked into The Beatles dressing room with a displeased look on his face. 

He sat down in a chair away from everyone else and lit himself a cigarette. John no longer looked vexed, but his eyes were slightly downcast in a contemplative manner. 

Ringo continued his card game, knowing it was best to let John be for the moment.  

Paul wiped his mouth with a napkin and washed down his last bite of food with a sip from his bottle of Coke. He wanted to know what happened between his mate and Charlie, that had John in a sullen mood. Paul knew that showing any interest in the topic would undermine the decision he'd made to take himself out of the picture.

George walked into the dressing room with a grin on his face and a bounce in his step, that was in complete contrast to John's earlier entrance. "I made plans to take Annette out to the Flamingo Club tonight." His enthusiastic words weren't directed at anyone in particular, walking over to the table against the wall, and grabbed himself a wrapped sandwich.  

"You two should stop by The Asher's place." Paul proposed. "They're hosting a small party."  

John perked up at the mention of his mates New Year's Eve plans, coming up with some of his own.  

"Maybe, we will," George replied noncommittally, taking a large bite out of his sandwich.  

Paul stood up, draining the last sip of Coke from his bottle, and placed it on the table. He took no notice of John's fixed gaze follow him as he walked out the door.


Wanda leaned her back against the vanity, watching Charlie apply makeup. 

"Yes," Charlie stared at her reflection in the mirror, focusing on sweeping the eyeshadow from her lash line to her eyebrow.   

"What was that business between you and John?"

"It was nothing," Charlie replied casually, setting down the eyeshadow, and picked up the eyeliner.  

"It seemed like a whole lot of nothing." Wanda pointed out. 

"What do you think I should wear for my date with George?" Annette spoke up.

Charlie smiled, looking at Annette in the mirror. "A nun's habit." She stated playfully, teasing her friend. 

"Oh, that boy wouldn't know what to do with her." Wanda laughed, finding Annette's relationship with George to be rather innocent and sweet. They seemed so young in her eyes still, she didn't think that getting involved with them in more than a friendly manner was a good idea. 

She knew that Charlie could handle herself, but it seemed to Wanda that the stakes were higher when compared to the relationship developing between Annette and George. She couldn't explain to herself why she felt the way she did, but Wanda had a feeling that things between Charlie, John, and Paul couldn't end well. 

Someone always ended up hurt in those kinds of situations, and Wanda was certain it wouldn't be Charlie. 

Charlie turned away from the vanity to face Annette. "I think you should wear that sleeveless red dress of mine. The one with the buttons on the side. I've got a matching red belt that will take it in at the waist for you." 

Annette shook her head. "I don't know," She replied hesitantly. 

"You look great in red." Charlie pointed out.  

"And, when George sees you in it, that boy really won't know what to do with you." Wanda smiled, and the three young women broke into fits of laughter. 

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