Chapter three

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My eyes dart to Kendall and back to McKenna. And then in lumbers Abby.

"Girls, It's pyramid time! chop chop! And Mackenzie I want you to show McKenna around, And Maddie same with you but with Maddie. Oh and Nia, save your tears for the pillow." Then she stomped back into studio A. Nia wiped her tear down and said softly

" I'm sorry Miss Abby."

I sighed and rubbed her shoulder. Then, one by one we filed into pyramid. McKenna stood between me and Brooke and I glared at her. No one stands between me and brookie! I thought. Apparently Abby was still mad because she ripped of the white sheets. This was the pyramid:





"Now, I know what your thinking and it's true. We have two new members of the ALDC!" She stated.

"Come on in girls!" and right on que Maddie and MaKenna walk in.

" Mackenzie, both Maddie's, and McKenna will have solos and a duet. Mackenzie is with McKenna and the Maddie's are together. The trio goes to Paige, Kendall, and Chloe. The group piece is called in my head. It's about girls who go mentally insane. Girls! get stretching." In my head? We did something just like that! the only difference is that the title was different! I shook my head and slid into my right leg splits. McKenna stood next to me, not sure what to do first.

"Um, what are you doing?" I said to her.

"I don't know what to do." she whispered, looking at me for help. I sighed and then guided her through the stretching routine. When we were done Abby wanted me to go in with the new girls and Maddie for the solos. She handed us each a list. This is what it looked like:

Mackenzie: Red

McKenna: Take it to go

Maddie Z.: Amazing grace

Other Maddie: Cry

When Maddie saw that the other Maddie was doing cry, she was asked to be excused. Then I saw her run up to our mom and point to Abby then the flyer, then to other Maddie, then to me and finally, to McKenna. My mom walked downstairs and peeked her head through the door.

"Abbs, can I see you for a second?"

"No. I'm teaching a class Melissa, it can wait." And at that, she rolled her eyes then snapped:

"Mackenzie, you're first."

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