Chapter three

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After the meeting with my manager, Hailey and I eat lunch at the hotel.

"So, don't you have a photo shoot on Wednesday?" Hailey asks me as she stuffs her face with a hamburger.

"Yeah, why?" I question.

Hailey doesn't respond. There's a sudden silence, and she just continues to eat her lunch like she never even heard me.

She finally broke the silence, "I guess I wanna hang out with you, since I never get to see you because you're always out doing something....."

"Well, so do I, but we can hang out after that." I suggest. "Speaking of photo shoots, I have to start getting ready, so let's get going." I put the last bite of my burger in my mouth before leaving the table.


I stare at the alarm clock, 2:30 P.M.

"Why can't it be Wednesday already?" I complain. No one answers my complain, or my groans. Oh yeah, Hailey is in the hotel gaming room. Today is my day off, just like every other Sunday.

I look at myself in the bathroom mirror. My hair is a mess!

"How could I not brush my hair this morning and not notice how crazy it was?" I ask myself.

I grab my hair brush and start brushing.  I section all my hair into seven parts. I start brushing section one. I move on to section two, three, four, five, six, and finally seven.

My hair looks much better than it did fifteen minutes ago. What a relief.  Since there is nothing really good to do, I turn on the TV. When it turns on, I see myself. The Talk is on. Guess which episode it is? The one I was in!  I looked really calm, but inside I was nervous that I would mess something up or say something really dumb. I just decide to watch the rest of the episode to make sure I did'nt really make a mistake. Even if I did, it's not like I could take it off the air.

I yawn and stretch. I get under the covers of the bed curled up in a little comfy ball, leaving the TV on. I let my eyes close, listening to the sound of the TV. I drift off into sleep.

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