Chapter Five!

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        As I'm walking to the Arena I hear Dakota yell my name. I turn around to see her running towards me. " Hey! " I exclaim, stopping to wait for her.  " Hurry up! Don't wanna be late. " She says, walking right past me, without a glance my way. I brush it off and follow her into the class. 

 As I walk in my eyes automatically scan for Marcel, but I don't find him. As I'm walking to my seat, I scan for Dakota, but she is no where either. I decide to take my seat either way.

  " Alright everyone! Today we will be writing a dialogue with a partner! The dialogue has to be 3 minutes plus, and must be completed by Monday! " Mrs. Dixon says, handing each of us a handout that explains everything in depth. 

  " Everyone partner up! No more than three people! " She exclaims with a smile. I once again scan the class for Marcel and Dakota, but they are still no where to be found. Welp. I guess this is my opportunity to make some new friends!

        Marcel's POV

    " Everyone partner up! No more than three people! " I heard Mrs. Dixon exclaim. " Dakota, I think we should get back to class. " I tell her as I begin to walk back into the Arena, but Dakota aggressively grabs my arm to pull me back. " Ow! Dakota! What the-.. what the heck?! " I yell as I pull away from her grasp. " Marcel. Get back here. I'm not done talking. " She growls. I decide to ignore her and walk back into the Arena. 

I search for Sammy's neon green skinny jeans, but they are no where to be found. Considering the class is half empty. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask Mrs. Dixon.

  " Marcel! I marked you absent! Where were you? " She scowls, as she walks over to the computer. " Hey, um, have you seen Sammy? " I ask nervously. She looks at me with a smile, " She's in the hall. " She tells me. I nod, and am on my way!

  As I reach the door, I hear Samantha's loud laughter, which causes me to chuckle a bit. What's she laughing about? I walk out of the arena, but I don't see her anywhere. That is, until I hear a loud gasp come from the hall, then some indistinct chatter. Who is she with? 

   I'm already walking down the hall when I hear Dakota call my name. I turn back to see her angrily stomping towards me. " Dakota? What's wr- " I begin to ask, but am cut off by burning pain in my cheek.

She slapped me.

 " Don't you ever leave me alone in the theatre, again. " She growls, right before stomping back to class. 


  Gosh, what's got her panties in a bunch?

I decide against telling her something.  She's obviously not in the mood, and I don't want to make her hate me. Now, to Sammy!

  " Stop! You can't just go around joking with people you just met with a subject that's as touchy as that! " I hear Sammy yell, then I hear her footsteps walking in my direction.

Sammy's POV

 Ugh! Seriously?! Is every one in this damn school Jared's friend, or what?! I have never seen this guy hang out with Jared, or any of his friends. What's his name? Ugh. I can't even remember. Great!   

" Sammy, a-are you okay? " I hear a voice say. I look up to find Marcel peeking out of the classroom. A smile instantly spreads across my face, and I nod. Just for reassurance.

" Really? Cause.. I heard you yelling.. from the hall.. " He says cautiously, stepping away from me slowly. I nod, once again. 

" Great! Anyways. I take it as in you already have a partner? Or not anymore? " He asks with a smirk. " Obviously! Not anymore. " I laugh, hooking my arm in his, and walking us over to our desks. "Where's Dakota? " I ask, looking around the room. 

 I haven't seen her since class started, and I'm kinda beginning to worry about what happened..

  " She's fine. " Marcel blurts out. Avoiding eye contact.

 " Marcel.. Is there something you're not telling me? " I ask. He shakes his head, but still doesn't look at me. 

  " Marcel.. " I warn, one more time. Hopefully he'll start talking! Because I know he knows something that I don't. And I am determined to find out what it is.

( Author's Note : I am so sorry it's taken forever to update! I know this chapter is lame and short, but I will try to make the next chapter better, and longer! I promise! School is ending in a couple of days, so then I should be able to update weekly! So please just stay with me! x ~ Sammy. )

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