Chapter 6

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                                                            Anna POV

I wondered through the vast hallways of the palace. I have been clueless for 2 days with no memory of who I am or who my family is. Hans went to run an errand , and I'm here all alone. For two whole hours, I slid down the staircase railing over and over. I love doing this. Where have I gotten this habit from? The door creek followed by a deep sigh. Hans was back! I just knew it was him! I reorganized his features. I softly but quickly slid down the railing again and ran towards him.

"You were gone for two hours!", I scoffed, turning my head away playfully.  Hans smiled, pulling out a small wooden basket. I turned back to see what was inside. I was left in awe. He brought me a beautifully long, light green dress. I stroked the dress's soft fabric. The top sparkled with dark green sequence. I gasped in awe, hugging Hans. He chuckled softly as I twirled around with the dress placed on my chest.

"That's not all", He adds in picking up the basket from the floor and handing it to me. I eagerly grabbed the basket and took a look through all the things inside. I gasped again picking up a matching pair of shoes. They were just simple green flats. There also was a small book and a few quills with inks lightly wrapped inside of a strong piece of paper inside the small basket.

"Thank you, but why?", I asked in a softly tone, still in awe. Hans smirks, "Can't I just be nice?" He walks away waving a goodbye as he headed upstairs. I followed quietly so he wouldn't notice. He walked inside the last room from the left side of the hall. He sighed softly and shut the door. He seemed to sigh rather often. The sounded echoed again. I headed back to my room, looking at my basket. I walked inside, to be greeted by the warm heat of the fireplace.

Hans told me not to worry about it. The fire is safe, due to it being surrounded by bricks. It would last a few days, by then he would replace the wood. I hopped on my bed, dumping the basket softly on the floor. I pulled out the a piece of paper and a quill from the basket. I began to draw a woman I seem to remember seeing, but don't recall where. She had white blonde hair in a beautiful braid. I traced over her eyes on the paper, remembering her stunning blue eyes.

I put a lot of detail on her blue dress. I wasn't much of an artist, I could tell by the way the drawing was coming out. I just tried my best and hoped the time would pass by.


                                                              Elsa's POV


I sat on my favorite comfy red sofa, cross-legged. Hanging with Anna made me realize how childish I was becoming. As the queen of Arendelle, I mustn't be careless and joke around. I shall be silly during my free time and serious when I need to. I paused. Speaking of Anna I haven't seen her in a while. I thought she would be with Kristoff or something. The wedding was in two weeks, she should be worried. I should be too.

I walked up to her room, hesitating to knock. Was she there? I couldn't just open the door. I finally knocked, closing my eyes and biting my lip. Was she mad? I don't know what washed over me last night. Was it annoyance?  There was no reply. I knocked several times, but still no reply. I sighed, opening the door to find nothing in here.

I looked down at the rug. "Muddy footprints?", I asked myself. I stared deeply at them. These footprints seem to be to big to be Anna's. Did something happen? No, it couldn't be. My heart raced, my breathing became heavier.  Anna was kidnapped! I ran down the stairs, as fast as I could.

"Guards!", I yelled in alarm. Two guards ran in with concerned looks. "Is something wrong my Queen?", One asked. I nodded, I opened my mouth to reply but no sound came out. I tried again but it came out in a soft mummer. The guards looked at each other then back at me. My face was steaming.

"Anna's Missing!", I finally choked out. The voice echoed several times until it faded away in the mid air.  The guards stood silent, their eyes widened. They finally nodded and ran out the palace. The search party for Anna has just begun. How did she? Why did they? I couldn't think straight. Fear washed over me once more. Conceal don't feel! Don't let it show! My vision was beginning to be hazy.

I needed to tell Kristoff! Why did this have to happen before the wedding! After! At least after! Wait what am I saying? I walked up to a feeling a servant  feeling a little dizzy. I asked her  for a cold glass of water, still choking on my words. She happily brought me one. She wore a concerned expression just like the guards did. I ignored her stares and walked to me red sofa. I sighed, and shut my eyes on my favorite red sofa I was sitting on earlier. The fabric was so soft, you would imagine yourself sleeping on a cloud. My mind drifted back to the thought of Anna missing. Was she safe? I hope she was.

Where's the happy ending when I need one?


Sorry for this really short chapter! I'm here eating a large lolly from Claries. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Today's Sunday! *Sobs* Please no more school! I'm freakin' tired of it! No homework por favor! I checked this chapter again, adding some little tweaks here and there. I want this story to be well written. I'm getting a little bored and want to read more frozen fan fics. Too bad there isn't any that I'm looking for. Well there are some amazing ones, but you'll have to fin them. If you know any frozen fan fics involving Hans coming back for Anna, let me know! I would love to read them!


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