anger building

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Chapter 50

*A la next chapter! hope you enjoy it! I'll probably be editing the first few chapters, as they aren't very good, so sorry if it looks like I update loads. I will try and update soon, but till then, enjoy xx*


Simply, I was knackered. The drink couldn't ease the tiredness away, though it did increase the throbbing headache. Drummers were angrily hitting at the large drums, causing shots of vibrations to shoot through my head, making a harsh stinging erupt within me. My mind refused to take me from the intense pain, preventing me from falling into a blissful state of sleep. Nathan, however, was silently sleeping beside me. His slim chest rose softly as he inhaled and exhaled. Quietly, he sighed in contentment, helping a soft smile grace my lips. Even through the intense pain, I couldn't help but love the small boy beside me. He was my everything; my entire life, and I couldn't imagine living without him. We've made it through so much together. We overcame the arguments, the fights, and, well, the abuse, which just shows how strong are relationship. In all honesty, I don't think anything can break us.  After a few more  intense minutes, we had arrived back at the hotel,  where hopefully I would be taken into a world of dreams; peaceful dreams, where my headache  has disappeared.

"Nathan." I muttered into the sleeping boy's ear, hoping it would wake him from his slumber. He gripped onto my shirt tightly, angering my slightly.

"Seriously Nathan, get up." I said a little more sternly.

"But you're so comfy." He whispered, with a deep, raspy voice, filled with sleep.

"Nathan, I'm not kidding, get up!" I hissed into his ear as the others exited the vehicle.

"O-okay. I'm sorry." He muttered, sending a pang of guilt through my body, though the throbbing in my head prevented me from reacting. He groggily rubbed at his eyes, with the hope of clearing the sleep away, though his eyes still glistened with sleep.

"C-can I sleep with you to night?" he asked innocently.

"Oh my god, is that all you think about?" I spat before I could even register my anger towards the comment.

"I-I didn't mean it like that, I meant-"

"What? You wanted to 'do things'. Nathan, I can see right through your innocent façade, and to be frank, it's kind of disgusting." I hissed through gritted teeth, as I bought my face closer to his, emphasizing my anger towards him.

"I-I'm sorry." He whimpered, before ducking away from my grip; a grip I hadn't realised I held.

"You better be-"

"Jay, I really am sorry-"

"Whatever, Nathan. I'm tired, so I'm going to bed." I stated, before pushing myself away from the wall; the wall that I'd pinned Nathan against.

"G-goodnight, Jay." He replied weakly, through a crocked voice, revealing his tears.



I heard it all. Every. Single. Word. And I might I add, I was overjoyed by the effect. I hadn't expected it to have worked this fast. The lips graced a wide, toothy grin as I heard gentle footsteps approaching the room. The handle shook gently, before a shaking figure appeared before me.

"Nathan? What's wrong, are you okay?" I asked slowly, plastering on my confused face.


"Nath, you don't have to lie to me. You can always rely on me." I said, before lightly patting the space beside me. He was hesitant; as expected, but obliged anyway.

"Tell me what happened?" He awkwardly sat beside me, as he fiddled with his fingers nervously.

"He was being a bit harsh- ah, d'you know what, I'm just over reacting..."

"No, Nathan. Did he hit you? Cause if he did, I will actually-"

"No, no, Max, he didn't-" He whispered, before placing a gentle hand onto my thrashing fists.

"-He just grabbed me and said some horrible things. I think he was just tired, and I was being annoying, so-"

"So nothing, Nathan. None of this is your fault. You deserve better."

"Jay is everything to me. I know he didn't mean it. I'm just being dramatic, as pure usual..." he giggled cutely, before I lightly unclenched my fists, allowing my fingers to trace gentle circles along his knuckles.

"Don't ever let him hurt you, okay."

"I won't-"

"Promise me, Nathan." I insisted, before grasping his hand tightly.

"I-I promise." He whispered after he tore his gaze away from our linked hands. I risk -fully pulled his hand up toward my lips, and lightly kissed his hand; allowing my lips to linger slightly longer than necessary.

"Hey, do you want to sleep with me tonight?" I muttered against his hand, blowing my warm breath onto his hand, hoping it would spark something within him.

"I don't know, wouldn't that be strange-"

"No, It won't. Please Nathan, I just want to cuddle and make you feel safe again."

"O-okay." he replied, before lightly resting his head onto my shoulder. I wrapped my arm gently around his shoulder, bringing him closer into my embrace.

"Goodnight Max." he spoke quietly, before nestling his head into the crook of my neck.

"Goodnight." I replied, before light snores could be heard from the sleeping angel beside me.

"I love you."

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