Chapter 4

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"Ashley, Im going on a walk okay see you soon!"

"Okay see you soon"

I need this so bad, it's chucking it down with rain but I dont care. I don't know this place very well but at least I get to clear my head a bit.

Why does he make me feel this way, he has an effect on me all the time ,even if he's not there.
I sound like one of those stupid loved up teenagers that are always talking about how they have true feelings or when they save stupid tumblr quotes about the people leaving them.
I'm not that type of girl. I promised my self I wouldn't be.

I walked for ages and ages until I got to an area that looked really familiar, I was near the London eye, I've walked really far.

I sat on a bench at the end of the street in front of the big wheel. The trees in rows on each side facing towards me, each tree has lights tangled up on them. I sat there watching people line up with their partner or relative or maybe even a friend to get a ride to the top of London.
I should go on. I want to. I fish into my pockets looking for my purse but I can't find it.
I slap my forehead remembering that I had left it at Ashley's plus I don't even have any money because of my stupid mum.

Damn, I really wanted a ride especially as all the lights are bright now.
I walked down the street really slowly until I saw someone at the end (which was quite far away as I wasn't even half way yet) and they looked like someone I new until I realised it was him.
I panicked, and just stood there for a second until I saw him look at me I gulped deeply that I started coughing badly. After I stopped I looked up and he was already walking towards me, I can't be dealing with this now.
I turned around and started walking. I don't know where I'm going but im going to have to deal with it unless I want to be in a seriously awkward situation.......bad idea, I ended up down a seriously long street, It was dark and damp as it was still raining.

I don't know what happened to me but I just decided to stop, I turned around and 2 seconds after I did he also turned the same corner and kept walking towards me.

Deep breathes
Deep breathes

He got me, picked me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist and pushed me against the wall. He looked me in the eye, and kissed me. Long and passionate. I ran my fingers through his hair. His hands wondered my body all around. I had an ach in my stomach, then realised I just had bad butterflies. His lips were gentle but firm. They were soft but chapped. It was perfect all of it. I didn't want it to stop ever and at that moment he put me down and we broke apart. He was still close.

"Did you walk away from me like you were running?"

I couldnt answer, I needed a saviour right now to save me from the question that made me feel uncomfortable as I did not know the answer myself.

* beep beep *

Thank god, I get my phone out of my pocket and he takes a step back from me.

"hello "

"Urm Leah ,Jamie just turned up at my place asking why you didn't wait for her after school? "

"Shit I completely forgot urmm..... Go with her and I'll meet you there where is it? "

Twilight took a step forward.

"It's okay I know where to go"

I looked at him and I completely lost my breathe, it hitched in my throat and just got stuck. I found my words eventually.

"Urm okay don't worry twilight knows where to go so you go with Jamie now. See you later "

"Why are you with twilight? How did you meet him? "

"Ugh it doesn't matter see you later "

"okay then "


It's been 10 mins since the kiss and I keep replaying it in my head over and over. The desperate pressure of his lips against mine. Whenever I tugged at his hair he pull me in tighter.

"So what made you forget?"

Fwoooo he scared the life out of me.

"what do you think? "

"Well i don't know maybe my little acquatance earlier at school "

"Ya think"

I looked At him with an over exaggerated look. He laughed, so did I.

We got to the club Shane and Ashley were outside. Twilight turned to face me, he looked like he wanted to say something important.

"Listen I know that we had a thing earlier but urmm I would much rather it just stay between us or if it is easier pretend it never happend "

It crushed me. I was in emotional pain. I can't be going through this I've only just met him of course i can imagine it never happened. It didn't mean anything right?

"Yeah "

He smiled at me, like a massive wave of relief washed over him .


My god I need a drink.

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