Chapter 8

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"OK Phobes what is the next plan of attack? a woman with long brown hair said with a loud voice

"I'm thinking about casting a spell on Kaneswaran's grandmother and she turns against him"

"How are we going to do that? she answered

"We put the spell in Beatrice's drink and the spell activates and she starts acting weird toward them and since the spell has a tracking device the spell will take her to the main corridor of the mall and we reveal ourselves

"Sounds like a plan" Merina said

Merina is married to Phobes' brother, who is next in line in case Phobes gets seriously injured or killed.

Phobes gave her a small bottle with the spell in it and she flew down to the diner and went into the fridge to get a bottle of fruit juice that Beatrice was going to drink later and placed the spell in the drink and flew back.

It was just before opening time

"This food is so good" Nathan said with delight

"Yeah grandma you really outdid yourself this time" Siva said

"Thanks Seev" she said with a smile

"Well" she said with a sigh "Cooking that made me thirsty. I'm going to drink the fruit juice I made last night" she said opening the fridge and drinking the entire thing within a minute. The juice made her slightly convulse

"Grandma are you okay? 

"Yes Siva. That was sweet, a little too sweet"

"Damn you were really thirsty" Jay said with a shocked face

The spell began to take effect as she felt dizzy and fell to the floor

"Grandma!" Siva shouted as the guys ran to her side

"I'm okay Siva leave me alone" she said pushing him with so much force that it pushed him to the floor.

"Seev!" they called out "Are you okay? Tom said helping him up

"Good thing it's a slow business day" Max said

"Yeah" Nath said in agreement

Seev then went over to her again "Grandma are you sure you okay

"Yes I'm okay! now leave me alone! Stop being so bothersome" she said in anger

"Whoa" Tom said with bewilderment in his face "That is not the Beatrice I know" 

"Ever since she drank the juice she's been acting weird" Jay said

"Why do I have a feeling Phobes is behind this? Nath said

Just then Tom's pendant began to blink

"Uh oh maybe I'm right" Nath said as his eyes filled with fear

"Yeah Nathan maybe you are right" Tom said with sarcasm

"Tom it is not the time for that night now"

"I don't know why I am still here with you useless children" she said walking out the door

"We gotta follow her" Siva said rushing out the door and following her on foot

They followed her until ahe stopped in the middle of the corridor and made a complete stop

"What are you children doing here? I told you guys to leave me alone!" she screamed

"We're here to save my grandmother and you aren't my grandmother. Siva said

Then Beatrice slapped him

"That's for being bothersome! I hate you" she said coldly

Jay,Max,Tom and Nath's faces were filled with pure shock. That made tears form in Seev's eyes

"She hates me"

Siva don't say that!" Tom said grabbing his arms "She is under a spell remember?

Just as Tom said that the atmosphere changed

"I guess that's Phobes" Nathan gulped

"We better transform" Jay said

As soon as the guys transformed into their guardian outfits Phobes was standing with Merina

"Well look who's here" he said with a laugh 'Where's your little girlfriends

"They not with us right now" Tom said coldly

"Who is she? Max asked

Her name is Merina and she is my brother's wife who is next in line if I get killed or injured

The guys had pure shock etched on their faces

"First we have to deal with you, now we have to deal with your brother AND his wife?? Nathan said 


What did you do to my grandma? Siva shouted

"Oh her? I just pt a spell in her drink" Merina said with a laugh

"Now that she's turned evil she's with us so she won't have to deal with you"

"Not if I have anything to say about it" Siva said blowing a bout of air toward Merina but she missed and threw him across the room

"Siva!" the guys shouted and went to him

"This is going to be heard because we got two people to worry about and we gotta figure out how to get the spell out of grandma"

"I'm thinking we should take them down first then we go to the fountain and put her head in it and that will get rid of it" Max said

"Are you sure" Seev asked

"Yes I'm sure"

I got an idea! me and Nath should combine our elements together and Tom binds them together and we take them down" Jay said

"Are you sure that's going to work" Tom said

"Yes!" he said confidently

Jay and Nath combined their powers together with Tom binding them. The result was a bright and powerful red and green light with the elements of fire and earth mixed in it

"Hey ya'll are you ready to get taken down? Jay said as he threw the light towards the both of them. That started a battle between Jay and Phobes and Nath and Merina. While all of this was going on Seev went to stand on the footbridge in the middle of the corridor and Max noticed

"Seev what's wrong?"

"I'm just thinkinh about grandma. I hope that idea that Jay suggested works"

"Don't worry about it. It will

They both looked down to see the main floor a complete mess from the battle and both Phobes and Merina disappeared

When they saw that they ran down to Jay,Nath and Tom.

"Look at all this mess" Max said "Good luck to the guy who has to clean this up

"It was worth it though" Nath said as he brushed his sleeves off

"Now let's see if Beatrice is alright"

They ran to Beatrice,who was laying on the ground next to the fountain. Jay and Max put her head under the water

"Grandma!, grandma speak up! Siva called out as her eyes fluttered

"Siva? boys?" Siva hugged her and started crying,not caring she was soaking wet. The boys smiled with tears flowing down their faces

"Siva what is this mess?

"I'll explain later"

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