No one's POV

ANgels went onto the stage and performed, people were cheering for them and holding banners up in the crowd to support them. After their performance they had to go backstage to wait for the judges to decide on the winner and the runner ups.


 After 5 mins all the groups were called onto stage to hear the results. The drums started rolling in the background "and.....XOXO is the winner of this years music festival, congratulations!!" the host informed everyone in the crowd.

Hana's POV

WHAT!! I thought with the idea of being the 'BOYS' slave for a whole term cross through my head. I turned to see the others reactions and they were also aso shocked as I was.

No one's POV

"and the runner ups are the......ANgels." He continued.

Krystal POV

OMO!! I'm going to be slave's to one of those morons!

Chanyeol POV

The girls eyes widened and I look towards Sunny who has the distress look on her face which made me chuckle, knowing she is going to be one of our slave.


No one's POV

During lunch break they were all called into the staff room. " I wonder why we are called to the staff room?", Sulli asked. "Beats me........" Dara replied. XOXO entered into the staff the room with their teacher. "You may not know this but the top two winners in the show get to enter the most pretigious Arts school in Seoul. All of you can become famous if you work hard in this new school with professionaly trained teachers." the teacher told them.

 "Wow, That is so cool", Zelo added with a smirk of his face.

"You all have to prepare for your transfer tomorrow morning, all the details will be sent to you." the teacher informed them. "and here is your new school uniform."

"Wow!! the uniform is so cute!!" Yoona said. "At least something good came out of this competition, we can finally achieve our dreams." Sulli added.

"You will all be required to stay in a dorm in your new school and they want you to move right away tomorrow since it is a weekend" the teacher continued."You will all need to bring clothes to wear for a term since you will be living in a dorm".


The next morning, everyone arrived to their new school. they were all wearing casual clothes.

Sunny POV

We finally arrived to our new school, our eyse widen upon the amazing building and facilities they had. Finally all our hard work had paid off, however stupid Chanyeol had to come in and ruin everything for all of us by making us their slaves. Well, as a leader I had to look on the bright side of things for my members.

Chanyeol POV

Finally after such a long journey we made it to our new school, I saw our 'SLAVES' already arrived and were dumbfounded by the extravagent school.

"Looks like our slaves are already here." I said trying to get on sunny's nerves.

Sunny POV

"Looks like our slaves are already here." I heard Chanyeol say with amusement from a distance.

Yah!! why does he have to be so annoying, we haven't even been here for 5 minutes and he is saing things to get on my nerves, I wish I didn't agree to that stupid bet.

Dara POV

I heard Chanyeol voice which sparked my attention but a felt a lump in my chest as I saw that his attention was on Sunny and not me, I wish I Chanyeol could come to me and forget Sunny I said to myself while I was looking at Chanyeol who was too busy staring at Sunny to notice me.

Chanyoel POV

I noticed Sunny putting her angry face on, as I turned aroud I saw Dara happily talking to her friends. The truth is that I still like her but that was all in the past.

Sunny POV

I was still very angry at Chayeol and than I saw him looking at Dara, his ex-girlfriend and my fellow group member. No one kows why they broke up and never dares asking them. Suddenly Yoona dragged me towards the school gate before I coul say anything.

Yoona POV

I could see our two leaders almost at it again and that was the last thing we needed so I thought  it would be a good idea to just explore the school and keep a distance between them, so I grabbed Sunny's hand before she could say a word and walked away going through the schools gate as the other members followed behind and leaving the boys by themselves.

Chanyeol POV

When I turned my gaze away from Dara I saw Yoona dragging Sunny. "Where is she taking our slaves?" I said angrily and annoyed at her actions. I thought of chasing after them but then decided to let it go and get her afterwrds because now that we are in the same school I can see her very day which means I can make her life a living hell. I chuckled to my own tought.

Sehun POV

Suddenly, a man wearing a suit popped out of nowhere signalling us to follow him, he took us to his office. As we entered the office one by one our eyes met the girls who gave us evils eyes, as they saw us. To be honest, I really don't care about this stupid bet but having a servant for free was a great, I mean who wouldn't want that.

Hana POV

We heard the door open and the principal of the school entering but this time he had students behind him, it was XOXO the jerks who are going to make us their slaves, as the pricipal enters the room he walked striaght to his chair and sat down and looked at a piece of paper.

No one's POV

"So you two groups are the lucky contest winners I see" he said making the two rivals glaring a each other and then back to the principal.

"I called all of you here to dicuss about where you will be going to stay" he said.

"What is it?" Zelo asked.

"Well, the thing is in our school one of the rules is that the two contest winner have to share one dorm." the principal replied. "So in another words you will all be staying together."

"WHAT!!" Everyone yelled and shocked by the rule at the same time.

"If anyone disagrees with this condition they may leave." the principal continued.

"Hell no! I need my privicy and how can we stay together with these girls?" Kai shouted.

"Well we don't want to stay with tese stinky guys either!" Sulli argued back.

"Please stop the yelling, I have already said that if you don't wish for this to happen you may leave." the principal repeated.

"He's right guys, it's not like we are forced to and just because of our rivalry we can't just back out from a chance to go to such a high class school." Yonna suggested.

Everyone in the room exchanged glances and though about Yoona's words.

"She's right, it's only sharing a dorm right, nothing is wrong with that." L.joe said cooly. Than seconds later everyone nodded in response.

"Well since everyone seems fine with it, here are your keys and the day afer tomorrow is your firs day in this school so please wake up early because evey monday there is a morning assembly. Everone will need to arrive to the schol campus before 7.30." the principal siad while handing the keys over to Chanyeol. "There is a teacher outside waiting, who will bring everyone there."


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