One Day Changed Everything

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July 31st, 2134

Today is the Choosing Ceremony. Of course, I got Erudite. But Andrew did not tell me what he got, and I don't think he got Erudite. It will be strange, without him. But, there's nothing I can do.

Later at the ceremony, I will wear a blue dress with a cardigan. It's a dress my mother wore at her Choosing. I will also wear a pair of navy blue flats. Since I'm in Erudite, almost everything I wear will be blue.

The ceremony is in an hour. Then, everyone's lifestyle will either change, or stay the same. Today is the day we choose how the rest of our lives will be.

I am nervous, I'll admit it. I'm not even sure why. I will choose Erudite, and my life won't change almost at all. Maybe it's that I am worried what Andrew will choose. I've known him since my early childhood, and it will be strange not having him at Erudite initiation with me.

But I shouldn't worry too much. Even if he doesn't choose Erudite, my life isn't over. We can still communicate, right? I hope so.

Later, at Choosing Ceremony. (Still July 31st)

I'm sitting with the Erudites at the Choosing Ceremony. My foot's tapping on the ground. I'm obviously anxious, as my heart is pounding as well.

They call the names of a few people I don't know. A girl from Amity, a boy from Candor, and a girl from Dauntless. The girl from Dauntless catches my eye. Her name is Natalie. Surprisingly, she chooses Abnegation.

Then, they call Andrew. He walks to the bowls in his Erudite jacket. My heart pounds as I see what he chooses.

He holds his hand over a bowl, and let's his blood drop in. He chooses Abnegation.

Finally, they call my name. I stand up, shakily, and walk up to the Erudite bowl. I hold my hand over the bowl, and let my blood drop in. It's decided. Now I can't change.

Shortly after the ceremony, I meet outside with Andrew. At first, it's silent, but then he says,"So, Erudite." He looks at me, grinning slightly. "Yes." I mutter, looking down. "You ok?" He asks. I nod, but don't say anything. Finally I say,"You chose Abnegation?" I look at him, and he looks at me. He sighs. "Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Are you mad?" I shake my head, and say,"No, it's just a bit surprising." He laughs a bit. "Yes, I was surprised too. But, it's true." He says. "Andrew, let's go, we're leaving!" A boy wearing Erudite clothes says. "I have to go." He says. He wraps his arms around me and hugs me. "I'll miss you Jeanine." I nod, and get up. "Goodbye." I say, as he runs off in another direction.

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