Chapter 2

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Life after death,

Chapter two, Agnes,

When I was studding my info I heard a woman call out my name, and she had a real silky voice it almost was soothing. Then she came into my room and she was kinda pretty too. She had silky brown hair just like me and she had brown eyes and silky looking skin she looked old enough to be my mom I guess. The only difference between us is that I have sea green eyes and she has brown.

The woman said cautiously, "hi, Agnes I'm gonna be your new mom, ok?"

"um, ok." I sighed and gave her a week smile,

My mom said,"you sure your ok with that?"

I said reassuringly,"ya of course I'd love to have you. Um but what's your name if I may ask?"

My mom answered,"Lily, so sorry I guess I forgot to tell you." She sighed,

I answered,"that's ok."

Lily said,"I can see you are still getting use to everything and could probably use some time alone so I'll leave you to it."

I said,"um ok."

Then she left the room and everything went quiet again.

So I was alone again with the silents.

My room was kind of cool I guess, at least I had some cute close. My room was lonely and I wanted to explore the rest of the house and maybe find Lily again and talk to her and maybe ask her some of the questions that have been spinning in my head. I wanted to know where here was and what laws were and what costumes were and what was practiced here. So eventually curiosity took over and I had to check out the house. So I was opening the door to my room and there was a hall, and it was white as well. I'm starting to sense a pattern here. So I stepped out into the hall and then shut my door as quietly as I could and then I went and headed for the stairs when I heard a mans voice say, "Agnes?" As if to ask what I thought I was doing.

I said in response,"yes, and you are?"

The man responded,"I'm your father, or you could refer to me as Derek."

I said without turning around,"nice to meet you Derek but I'm trying to find Lily so um see ya latter."

Derek seamed to be soothed by the fact that I had already met Lily and seamed to like her so he let me go. When I reached the bottom of the stares another male from the top said,"it's a lot more fun to fly down." He paused, "Agnes."

I said softly,"fly?" Then I remembered the wings and automatically looked down at them, I had wings? I couldn't believe it.

He looked shocked,"um ya fly," he said cautiously, " you didn't know you had wings did you?"

I responded,"um I guess it slipped my mind." I sighed, "so you know who I am but I don't really know who you are."

He said,"oh ya sorry, my names colt."

I said,"nice to meet you colt, I take it your my brother?"

He responded,"um ya." he sighed,

I said,"um I have to go maybe we can catch up later, I'm looking for Lily."

He said,"ya maybe." With a devilish grin on his face.

So I had finally made it to the kitchen where Lily was, she was standing by the stove cooking dinner it all smelled so good it kind of made me want to help.

I said softly as if not to scare her,

"Lily? Dinner smells really good can I help?"

She gave me a look of awe almost as if no one ever asks to help. And then she through a big hug on me and then she pulled away and said excitedly "of corse you can sweet hart." I can't even tell you how much she reminds me of my mom, and how much I'd like calling her that. I miss my mom, she was always so sweet and kind to every one, I miss that. So she led me over to a cutting bored and asked me,"would you dear, please cut the tomatoes for the tacos?"

I said without thinking,"of course mom, I'd do anything for you."

Lily gave me a big grin," I really like it when you call me that."

So I just shot her a smile back and nodded,

I said softly,"you remind me of my mom."

Then Lily and I hugged, then I continued cutting tomatoes.

Well I was chopping the tomatoes Lily was gathering her ingredients to make the taco shells from scratch, after I had chopped all the tomatoes I was chopping the lettuce and so on. But then a girl walked into the kitchen she had black hair and brown eyes and she was dressed in ALL WHITE, she was pretty but you could tell she died her hair.

She asked,"is this Agnes?"

Lily said softly,"yes, this is your new sister."

She introduced her self,"I'm Kate, nice to meet you Agnes."

I said,"hi Kate it's nice to meet you too."

She asked with discussed,

"you really helping?"

I responded,"what's it to you?"

She backed off,"um I don't know just wondering, but never mind."

Then another girl walked in with a little boy, the girl had long curly blond hair and sea green eyes just like me, and the little boy had dark brown hair and brown eyes and fair skin.

The girl said,"hi, I'm Winnie and this is Alik."

I said,"hi I'm Agnes," I paused, "incase you haven't heard that is."

Winnie said,"nice to meet you."

I responded,"nice to meet you too."

So Winnie came and started to chop as well and the boys colt and Alik set the table well Derek and Kate did the dishes real quick. Then when the chopping was done Winnie and I helped set the table too, and then I helped Lily serve the food. Dinner was quiet and awkward, and I made eye contact with no one, but I could feel them staring at me. So after dinner I went and found my way back to my room and then passed out on the bed. I dreamt of a guy with dark brown hair and really dark brown eyes he had a nice complexion and for some odd reason I thought I new him.


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