Chapter 1

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Moe's pov

Moe honey we're here wake up my mother said as she was pulling in front of this big machin!!?

mom how the hell did we afford this I asked her as I was starring at the house.She said she doesn't know where it came from but my dad had this house payed for by some money he had left over from something. oh is all I said trying think if that could be a clue is to how my dad was murdered.   honey go to bed its late and I already sighned u up to go to school u start tomorrow my mom said. I went and picked my room and of course I picked the biggest one witha walk in closet and my own private bathroom. I walked up to night stand on my bed and saw a note that said

Dear Moe I know what happened to ur father meet me in the alley way near your house after school

  Sincerely Zayne Maliak

p.s bring no one

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