Chapter 2

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I didn't know if I shpuldbe happy that he knew or scared that this person knows where I live when I looked up I relized the window was open which means he was here a little while ago!!

I just decided to lay down and go to sleep and let my dreams take over my stress.

at 6:00 in the morning my alarm went of when I went to push the of butten I ended up grabbing a piece of paper that said my mom will be working over night for the next three nights. I sigh as I'm walking into the bathroom to take a shower I put some of my vanilla shampoo on and conditioner on I then get out and look for my favorite skorts and shirt to ware I'm not a slut  but I really like  my shorts shirt..

I walked to school I know I'm 17 and should have a car but I don't so whatever.

On my way to schoolI looked around at all the groups you've got the cheerleeders,gotjs,football players,nerds,and bad boys

I hearda wistle comeing from my right only to see a curly haired boy with a sly smirk on his face.

Harry's pov I look over to see tbis girl and whistled and put my signature smirk that always  gets the ladys right but she just looks at me and runs. I chased after her and slammed her into the locker and said don't u ever run away from me understand..

Moe's pov

I ran away hopeing he wouldn't catch me but he grabbed my wrist spun me around and slammed me against the lockers I whimpered at his touch don't u ever run away from me u understand he shouted causing me to flinch tears comeing clear in my eyes then their was a look of sadness in his eyes he said don't cry baby♥ then that smirk apeared back on his face a he started sucking on my neck

pleas st... stop I stuttered

He did as he was told but only because he was done

their now everybody knows your mine and whats your name love     Moe I stuttered again

whats ur name I asked    he whispered huskily in my for thats for me to know and you to find out♥♥♥♥♥

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