Chapter 3

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I walked down the hall to the find the office covering up the hicky with my hair.

I walked in to be greeted by a little old lady

Hi I'm Moe and I'm new here I came to get my schedule

ok give me one second  It  was affuly quiet all ucould hear was the princaple talking to some student but that talking turned I to u yelling  all I heared was the princaple yelling

HOW DID U GET MY Fn CAR ON THE ROOF  and the unknown student said I didn't do it And just walked out Looked up to see Harry he met my gaze and all he did was wink and walk out. right after that I got schedule and left to first period math "yay"

Harry's pov

I had to just leave cause princaple Dikins or as I like to call him princaple dik  wouldn't stop accusing me of putting his car on the roof ya I was their but I wasn't with the guys who did it it was zayn and his gang but they act like goody2 shoes in school so the princaple wouldn't believe if I told him that it was zayn..  on my way out of school I saw Moe walking home I thought she was so innocent that she wpukd never skip school so I followed Her home think this has got to be good!!

Moe pov

I hadn't planned on meeting Zayn until after school but I got a text dureing class saying to meet him now so I ditched school for the first ti e in my whole life when I made it to my alley way I  my house I saw 3 kids about my age standing one which I'm guessing was zayn stepped out to

shake my hand I hesitated at firsy but then I just shook it then out of no where that curly haired kid jumps in punching him like crazy I screamed at him to stop scared that this might end up being a murder but he didn't listen so I called This kid I met in math class he was one of the bad boys but nicer than Harry I figured put his name cause Niall told me.. he came as fast as he could and yanked Harry Off of zayn.

Then Harry looked at me and glared u called Niall WHY do u think I'm crazy that I accually was gonna KILL him

Harry I stuttered  I was scared what was I supposed to do let u beat the hell out of him when  he didn't even do anything he was just going to tell me what happened to my father so no I was not gonna let u beat the shit out of him and now that he's knocked out whag am I supposed to do!!!

then out of no where he smacked me in the face and said dont u ever talk to me like that again...

Harry pov

after I hit her my eyes suddenly softened seeing that she looked terrified

Moe I I'm sorry I don't know what came over me!!

stay away from me she stuttered

no moe please I really really like u!!

Moe's pov

did he just say he likes me I could my cheeks already becomeing a dark red

awe Harry thats so sweet.....  Hey I know we just met he started but I really like u so will u be my girlfriend 

uh No

he tensed up a little at least not  yet

then he softened I think we should get to know each other better  u know go on a date.. I started to lean in not knowing what im doing vause I've never kissed a boy before..........

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