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Jamie's POV:

       Well, it's been a month. I've survived a month without Harry. I'm back in school, since the summer has ended. School is a good distraction to Harry being gone, but I do think about him all of the time. I'm a senior now too, so that's nice. High school feels different, but I don't know if that's because I'm a senior or because Harry is no longer here with me. Truthfully, I've been having a very rough time without Niall and Harry here, but they do call everyday. "Jamie! Jamie! JAMIE!" One of my best friends, Perrie shouted at me. I snapped out of my thoughts and focused back on reality.

       My face turns bright red as I remember that I was stood in front of my Law class, giving a presentation. I can't believe I did that! I spaced out in front of my whole class in the middle of a presentation... about distractions. The irony! I am so embarrassed. I quickly began my lecture, and soon enough I was finished. I ran to my seat next to Perrie, and she made sure to laugh at me once I took my seat. I glared at her and ducked my head down as the next person did their presentation.


           Perrie was rambling about something that I had no interest in and she just wouldn't shut up. I love her, but she needs to stop talking about herself sometimes. Perrie, is like one of my school friends that I don't hang out with all summer and then see again at the beginning of the school year. She is a great friend, and one of my best friends, but I don't know if she's a true friend, like I don't know if we will still be friends in five years from now. I smiled and nodded as I pretended to listen to what she was saying. Perrie's mouth stopped moving, so I stopped smiling. "Are you still upset about Harry being gone? Do you still miss him?" Perrie asked me. She knew about all of Harry and I's history and she strongly shipped us as she liked to say. But, I was fine with that, because I do too.

        My blank face turned to a frown and I silently nodded at Perrie. She pulled me in for a hug and I couldn't help but begin to weep into her hug. Perrie was good about these kinds of things. I quickly dried my tears before we walked to lunch. Last year, I ate lunch with Harry and Kasey but that was just because Perrie didn't have the same lunch as me, but this year we have the same one. Kasey and her best friend Callie have the same lunch as us too, but Perrie and I don't sit with them because Kasey hates Perrie for some reason, something about Callie, I don't know.


          I was just lying on my bed, on my laptop as I do everyday, when I don't have obligations. I was waiting for one of the boys to call me. Everyday at four either Niall or Harry calls me, it's just worked out that way. Niall's name and picture flashed onto my phone screen. I quickly tossed my laptop to another part of my bed, before answering my phone, giving Niall my full attention. "Hello?" I answer happily. I can hear the excitement in his voice too as he responds. "Hey Jamie! How are you?" 

         "Good. You?" I ask. This has become the highlight of my day. "Yeah, good." I smile at the thought of my Irish friend all happy at a university. "Where are you?" I ask. They've both told me so much about the campus I feel like if I were to go there for the first time tomorrow I would be able to get around myself without a guide. "I just finished a class. I'm walking back to Harry and I's dorm." Niall spoke. I smiled. Now I can really picture it, Niall walking around campus with a backpack slung over his shoulder, his phone pressed to his ear, and a smile on his face. "That's so exciting! College life seems amazing." I say overly excited, but it's true it seems amazing, I can't wait to go. "I just applied to your college." I finished. I wasn't going to apply. Last year, I wasn't thinking of applying to that one, but a lot has changed since then, so I decided to apply, and now that's the one that I hope to be accepted to and go to.

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