Taylor's pov

He laughed right in her face and I just stood there laughing with his mates who became my mates when I dated Harry. Today I decided to go over the mates house and play cod: ghost with them till Harry gets home and if he wants me to stay then I'll stay over. I think the mates are starting to like me again. when harry and i dated , they liked me and when he left me , they stopped talking to  me and i thought had no one but chelsea was my best friend who helped with my break with harry. i told harry not to talk to me or give eye contact but he did it anyway when his mates told me to come where he wanted me to meet but why. i stayed over harry's house till he asked me why i was here.


"what are you doing here taylor?" he asked like he was surprised to see me.

" your mates invited me to stay and play xbox with them if you kindly don't mind that i stay , chelsea brought some clothes over for me. im staying in the same room as niall if you don't mind." i said as calm as i could because if i told him that i was sleeping in the same bed with niall , he would get angry but im not really sleeping in the same bed as him, ill be in the bed with him because i still love him and i always have even my friends tommy , june , chelsea and lucas told me to get over him but i couldn't he was the love of my love. 

" oh i see , you think you can come in my house and sleep with one of my mates but honey the only person you're fooling is yourself." he said as rude as possble.

 harry can we talk in your room please , just don't be rude. i hate when you get rude because it reminds me of my father dont you know that already." i said while i was heading to his bedroom and sitting down on the floor with my knees to my chest annd crying slightly so he wouldn't hear me. i heard footsteps come up from the stairs and i knew it was harry. why did he have to be so rude to me even if i am his ex. he's so focus on heather that he doesnt know how i feel when he's rude to me. did heather rub off of you harry is that why you are so rude.

" taylor please stop being such a bitch and grow up!" he yelled.

" you know what harry , im done liking you or even trying to like you. you broke my heart the first time and im not letting you break it again. i hope your happy with heather because i don't care anymore. you always say you love me , blah blah and all that but in reality you only think about yourself so you know what im done." i spat and got up off the floor grabbing my things and walking out the door before feeling a piar of strong hands around my waist. " please don't leave me again , im sorry taylor i didnt know i put you through so much." he whispered.  he knew exactly what he was doing to me and it was working , he was making me break my wall down but i was too strong for him and i didnt want to be with someone who put me through so much. i ffelt hopeless , worthless and even broken. i felt lost to even be with him. " please leave me alone harry you did enough to me , i just need space." i quietly said. 


= cliffhanger bitchhhhhh haha 

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