People say "Live life to the fullest"

No, they haven't thought about how the world would react.

No, they haven't thought of the consequences.

No, they haven't thought about the future.

All they have thought about was that very moment.

Yes, it's cool to live in the moment.

Yes, it's good to have fun.

Yes, the moment can be a beautiful thing.

But, the Moment doesn't last.

You have to move on.

You have to visit old friends.

You have to help family.

You have to Live Life.

No, you can't stay there forever.

No, you can't forget about the world.

No, you can't let it go.

But you can fight the next battle.

You can Live out another memory.

You can make mistakes.

"Live Life to the fullest"

Screw that...

Live Life to the end.

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