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Ahh new fanfic :D

Okay this is my Pokemon fanfic! The main character is Neysa and her partners are Turtwig

and Piplup. Yes, she has two Pokemon to start her newest journey with. I won't say much about

what'll happen in the future, I just want you to get to know the more basic stuff about her!

Let me warn you guys, most Chapters won't be done in one sitting. Well, it will probably be different for you.

But anyway, if the chapter looks like it isn't finished, well, it probably isn't!

Also, I'm writing this from my iPad and/or iPhone, so it's not going to be as "clean" as it would if I were to

write it from a computer.

I'm too sure what you can and cannot do compared to a computer and ipad.

Enough gibber gabber, I'm super excited for this and I hope you enjoy the story and hopefully I can keep

this fanfic going!

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