Winter's POV

I'm currently pacing, I'm leaving today. Going back to Summer. I heard a violent knock at my door, then Dylan bursts in and shuts my door, locking it firmly.

"Wh-what are y-you doing D-Dylan?" I stuttered. He threw my, now packed and zipped up, suitcase off my bed and on the floor. He then pushed me on my bed and leaped ontop of me. He started to pull my top off but I screamed, he put a cloth in my mouth so my screams were just muffled. I knew exactly where this was going.

~skip rape scene~

I was still bawling my eyes out, I was in so much pain. My private place hurts like shit man. Dylan laughed at my pain and walked out. I layed there for a moment, then I got my clothes back on, grabbed my suitcase, and opened the window and made the bubble then threw my case out the window. I jumped after it. I then teleported to Summer's house, I limped inside.

"OMG WINTER I MISSED YOU SOOOOOO FUCKING MUCH WHERE WERE YOU? OH MY FUCK" Winter shouted attacking me with a bear hug, I gave her a weak smile. I was still in pain.

"What's wrong?" Liam asked

"I-I was-" I started but got cut off by Zoey.

"And don't lie and say that you were raped to make us feel sorry for you" that little bitch don't know what I've been through

"Y'know what. Nothing. I'm fine" I lie. She's such a bitch. "Zoey, why are you being such a bitch? According to Summer over here, your 'the nicest and sweetest person ever'. Well guess what your really not" I say then stomp up to my room. About 5 minutes later someone knocks on my door.

"COME IN" I screamed. Then, slowly, Zoey came in. I glared at her,

"What do you want?" I growled, she sighed.

"Listen, I know iv not been the nicest person to you but, I just don't know what came over me when I first saw you. I thought that- I just- I don't even know what to say except, I'm sorry and could we, maybe, I dunno, start over?" I smiled.

"Of corse we can Zoey" she smiled at my response. She was about to leave when she turned around and said

"Ya know Liam likes you? I mean he watches your videos all the time and never, and I mean NEVER, shuts up about you" I blushed. She left me thinking. Do I like Liam. I mean, iv been nothing but a total dick-face to him (let's just pretend that she's been ignoring him).

No. I swore to myself never to love again. Not because iv had bad experiences or anything. Just cos I don't want to hurt him, if we start dating and he finds out I'm a total freak-show, I'll either hurt him, or influence him not to trust future girlfriends. And I don't want that to happen. I walk down the stairs and into the living room where I find everyone watching telle. Zoey and Summer curled up on the love seat and Liam on his own on the couch, he notices me and pats the place next to him, motioning me to sit with him. I smile and blush slightly. I sit next to him and his arm ends up around my shoulders, I drift off into my own little world and within minutes, my head was resting on his shoulder and his head on my head. 4 words remained in my mind...

Do I love him?





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